Sunday, January 24, 2010

Garmin 310 - Issues with Software v.2.7

Urg! I just went for my best run since the half marathon in Edmonton last August. After the run I got in the car and turned off my Garmin, as I usually do for the trip home. It's a safeguard I learned to do after leaving my Garmin running while driving home. Sure, the stats look good, but my little car goes way faster than my legs! So I learned to turn it off and then turn it back on when I get home.

Only today when I turned it back on, it had completely reset itself. It started by asking me if English was my preferred language.

And my best run in months? Gone. No evidence of it anywhere. It wasn't saved on the Garmin. It didn't upload. Just. Gone.

Luckily I ran with T.M., so I cobbled together a manual upload of the run.

But the Garmin seems completely stuck in this endless loop. Every time we turn it off, it forgets everything that was previously saved - user profile, preferences, everything.

This all seems to be a result of a recent (and mandatory) software "upgrade" to 2.7. Anyone else out there having these issues, I wonder?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

3 Key elements of leadership

Since graduating last June, I've revitalized my consulting business and have been working with clients here in Alberta and one in Sweden. It's been a wonderful adventure and I'm looking forward to making 2010 a spectacular year!

I've been trying my hand at making videos over the past few months. I've made 3 so far. You can see them all on my website at

The newest one is called "3 Key Elements of Leadership" :

It can also be found here:

Comments and feedback are welcome!

And after a long hiatus from running due to "Grumpy Knee" I am back at it again. I've signed up for the Calgary Road Runners Original St. Patrick's Day Road Race (10K) and the Calgary Police Half Marathon in April. Can't wait!