Saturday, July 01, 2006

Getting adjusted

Last week was a week of things not being as bad as I expected... and little adjustments that made a big difference.

Took the car to the mechanic on Monday, since it needed an oil change and the brakes were squealing like nobody's business. Groan... I thought, "Yeah, that'll be good for about $800, I'm sure..."

Turned out, they just needed adjusting. Got the oil change and a new fan belt and all seems to be in order. Yaay!

On Tuesday, I had a chiropractic appointment and for the first time since I started going, I got adjustments in all three areas of my back: lumbar, thoracic and cervical. Incredible! I won't harp on it... But I feel like a new woman!

The next day at the dentist an X-ray showed that my aching tooth was actually healthy. No cracked filling. No abscess. She used some kind of dyed paper and had me bite down on it, discovering that the tooth in pain was considerably higher than the others, so it was getting stressed every time I bit down or closed my teeth together. She said, “Teeth can shift with time.”

I winked at her and said, “Oh, you mean with age, right?”

She chuckled graciously and gently said, “Well, we can just say ‘time’.”

She did a bit of an “occlusal adjustment” (shaved a couple of millimeters off with her drill) and the tooth now seems to be OK. Still a bit sensitive to cold, but I can chew on that side of my mouth again and there’s no pain. Yaaay!

Sorry to have freaked you all out with the “no needles” thing in my last post. I chose to stop having dental anesthetic needles when I was sixteen. Several fillings, crowns, and one root canal later, I’m still here.

The dentist said during our appointment that if I was in a significant amount of pain and since the tooth appeared healthy, that she really wouldn’t recommend having the procedure without freezing. Asked if I’d ever seen the movie “Marathon man”? I said no. She told me to go rent it, then I’d understand.


backofpack said...

Marathon the book a long, long time ago. Still remember the part about the dentist.

Wow, you had a good week - every little thing went your way! Yay!

Ginger Breadman said...

Sounds like your have some sort of positive karmic energy. Will you pass it around when you're through with it?

Turtle Guy said...

Big grin here! A stellar week for you, and I'm happy to hear all went well!

Robb said...

Ah, that's great. I like the chuckle with the dentist about things 'shifting' with time / age. That's funny. Hope you are having a great weekend Calgary style.

Anvilcloud said...

No needles, eh? you're made of different stuff than I. I take needles and gas.

zouzou said...

Whew! just getting caught up on your blog. You are amazing, woo-man (insert island accent)! Now I'm thinking I better go get new running shoes, visit the chiropractor and get my teeth looked at. Heaven only knows what adventures I might have...

ipodmomma said...

wonderful, as these things go. I've had a few bits shaved off a tooth, when a tiny piece broke off... dentist made it good as new!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

heck hubby takes drugs for just a cleaning. you're a brave lady for doing dental work without needles.

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear the tooth pain was relatively minor. Several cavities eh...I have several in each tooth. One time I went to the dentist and had 11 cavities. Hopefully you can understand my need to be sedated. I also have quite the collection of root canals.

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

Oh good, everything worked out!

I've got a dentist appointment on the 13th, but it's just a cleaning. But the dentist was suppose to look at one of my molars, that might be cracked, and a wisdom tooth that he might want to pull. Eek!

I don't mind the cleaning I just don't like shots or the drill.

Lucky you your teeth are okay!