Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cleanse - Day 5 of 12

OK, since some of you have asked, the Wild Rose De-Tox cleanse is going well. Today's menu included:

Breakfast - "Sunny boy" hot cereal with fresh blueberries, chopped almonds and soy milk.

First lunch - Brown rice pasta with sardines, cooked fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, onions and garlic. (I ate the sardines by choice, in case you are wondering. Ever since I spent that summer in Spain, I love sardines...)

Second lunch (after workout) - fresh apple slices with almond butter (Thanks to CM for the suggestion!) -- Oh yeah, and my Starbucks soy latte - a bit late in the day, but still, caffeine is good!

First supper - BBQ'ed chicken and beef, roasted squash, cooked veggies (carrots, green and red peppers, mostly.)

Second supper - Soy milk and some fresh strawberries.

Don't mind the Hobbit-like ways of eating several small meals in one day. This is not anything to do with the cleanse. I regularly eat 5-6 times a day. I just like the idea of "second lunch" or "second supper" better than "snack".

The brown rice pasta is a bit of a no-no, since all the grains are supposed to be whole and not processed, but I figure some brown rice pasta won't kill me.

To answer TG's question, the way your body reacts is very individual. I prefer not to post too many details, but let's just say that the program is working in the way it is supposed to...

What I will say is that one definite benefit is that I have lots of energy and generally feel great.

One definite drawback is that it puts a heck of a cramp in any social activities that involve food or beverages... Had lunch with a friend yesterday and he looked at me a bit funny when I ordered water, and a garden salad with chicken breast and vehemently refused any dressing at all.

I had to explain. He got more and more curious... We spent half the time talking about the cleanse and I ended up talking about the very details that I prefer not to post here... and certainly had no intentions of talking about over lunch!

He took great pleasure in asking me if I wanted a French fry... or a bite of his club sandwich with mayo... and cheese. I told him to go fly a kite and made yummy noises while crunching on my lettuce. Ah well... that's what long-time friends are for, I guess!

I must say though... I am starting to have dreams about lemon merengue pie... Mmm... And a Timmy's coffee with cream... real, 18% fat dairy cream...

Only 7 more days to go.


backofpack said...

When I was a kid, maybe about 4 or 5, my Mom was sick for a few days. At that time in our lives, my Dad didn't know how to cook. He fed us sardines on soda crackers and canned baked beans every night. I haven't eaten sardines since. The good news is that Dad has learned to cook since then!

I think your cleanse sounds great - especially since you still get the soy latte. Although I don't know about salad without dressing.

Turtle Guy said...

Thanks for sparing us the details... glad it's working though! ;)

Anvilcloud said...

Completely off topic, but do you mentally title your blog Sarah Space or Sarah's Pace?

Sarah Elaine said...

AC - Yaay! Finally someone asked! The truth is, being the lingua-phile I am, I like the ambiguity / play on words that it implies, so I actually prefer not to choose! But thanks for asking. You're the first to do so, I believe. ;-)

Sarah said...

I have to admit I've never thought of your blog as Sarah's pace. Now I may look at it in a whole new light. : )

Glad the cleanse is going well!

robtherunner said...

I've always used the middle "s" twice and I mentally say Sarah's space when reading the title.

However, no one has ever asked about my blog title since it would seem that "Running Farther" would make more sense. I like the philosophical aspect of using the definition from the word further, meaning, to a greater extent. After all, my running is not only about distance in miles.

Oh yeah, this is your blog isn't it? Good luck with the cleansing and thanks for leaving out a lot of the details.