Friday, May 18, 2007

A week of minor weirdness

So, this past week has been a bit unusual. Here are some highlights:

1. I got the draft of my exam paper done. Yaay! It is due next Thursday, so I'll spend a few days editing, proofing and formatting. Oh yeah... and cutting it down. It's 13 pages over the limit. Not good. Having a start-to-finish draft has decreased my anxiety levels considerably.

The massage I had today also helped to decrease my anxiety levels. As well, it un-glued my shoulders from my earlobes. They'd become somewhat fused together these past few weeks with all the studying and typing. Now you can see my neck again. Double yaay!

2. After the 5 km run last weekend, I was really missing my long run. So, I went and ran my little heart out on Tuesday. The result? 13.1 miles (21.11 kms) It took me 2.5 hours. In some ways, it felt great. In others, not so much... but I'll spare you the details. The best part? Happy knees!

3. I was coaxed into buying hair removal cream for my cyclist friend because he's training again and needs to have his legs hair-free, but didn't want the embarrassment of buying the cream himself. (That's for Robb, who's asking for advice on whether to shave his legs for his upcoming marathon or not. Go visit and give him your 2 cents worth.)

4. I went to the dentist this week and had some laser dentistry in prep for an upcoming crown replacement. Again, I'll spare you the details. Well... most of them. Let's just say that I love laser dentistry - quick, no needles (which I don't have anyway) and very precise. The smell of burning gums isn't so yummy, but hey, it can't all be perfect, right?

5. Came out of the dentist to find a big, orangey puddle under my car. It didn't look like a spilled slurpee. Called the mechanic. The fella who answered said they were booked solid until late next week. "Well, you're the only ones I trust with my car. What do you recommend?" The answer, call back in 15 minutes when the owner would be back. That's the amount of time it took me to drive the car over there and see them in person.

When I got there, the owner was back and before he could even get the hood up, another mechanic came tearing out of the bay to say, "Whoa! There's stuff pouring out of it!"

The owner promptly told me my water pump was shot, that the car wasn't going anywhere and he'd have it done for me within a day. Bless his heart. He was even better than his word and called me a few hours later to say it was done. Lifetimes of good kharma to him!

Apparently the orangey stuff was coolant, which can leak when the water pump dies. Just goes to show that you learn something new every day.

So there you are... a week peppered with odd little adventures, just to keep life interesting.

And I've been convinced that I can't die having lived a full and complete life if I have not seen Blue Oyster Cult in concert. Since they are in town tomorrow and my friend has tickets, apparently, I'm going.

The odd little adventures continue...

PS: Race photo added to previous post.


Backofpack said...

Sounds like a pretty good week to me!
1. Yay for getting the draft done!
2. You ran a half marathon - that is so awesome! It's good to hear the knees are feeling fine.
3. He could've said he was buying it for his wife - as long as he wore long pants while shopping.
4. I'd like to try the laser thing - I would love to eliminate the needles, but am not brave enough to. Maybe when my dentist offers laser...
5.Getting your car in and out of the shop in a few hours is a minor miracle. You are lucky!

craig said...

Sarah –

I used to be annoyed by efficient people like you who complete the rough draft of a paper days before the deadline. Where’s the sport in that?

Anyone can finish a paper by starting early and working diligently every day. But can you finish it when you’ve procrastinated until the deadline is looming, when completing the work in the prescribed time frame seems a human impossibility, when the adrenalin rush of heart pumping panic leaves your stomach in knots and your breathing coming in great heaving gasps through a throat that feels abnormally constricted…….?

Sorry. Flashback.

Anyway, since all the doctoral papers are behind me, you are now my heroine – everything I wish I had been but wasn’t.

Are you sure you didn’t have knee replacement surgery that you neglected to tell us about? Or did you secretly have that gall bladder procedure that led to Michelle’s running success? I’ve been threatening to get myself one of those. Your recovery and progress have been phenomenal. I’m happy for you. And her.

Only a true friend would buy hair removal cream for a member of the opposite sex. But aren’t you riddled with guilt for not volunteering to overnight some to Robb? I’m not saying you should be. I can just see where you might be if you thought about it very long.

I don’t think my dentist does the lazar surgery thing. I suspect this because he still uses needles. Long ones. He also does crowns. But not painlessly.

Another flashback.

You guys have orange antifreeze? How cool. I’ll have to check into that. The only kind I’ve ever seen around here is a florescent green. Yours is probably ecologically friendly and ours probably isn’t. Which would mean that our green antifreeze isn’t really “green” at all.

We don’t have mechanics with the same level of conscientious compassion. At least I haven’t found one. Better stay on good terms with him. Sounds like he’s the kind of person of the opposite gender who might purchase hair removal cream for you if the need ever arises.

Downhillnut said...

LOL @ Craig & paper-writing time management. I still get the occasional PTSD nightmare when I remember old college deadlines.

Glad your weird week is de-stressing you somewhat.

Are you sharing your mechanic? or protecting him? 'Cause if you don't need him next week I've got some work for him...

Robb said...

This is all too funny. The whole weirdness thing. It is good to hear that you have finished the draft. Editing is always the tough part...not that I've written doctoral stuff - but I know how important it is just the same. I just know okay!

Alright. The shaving of legs didn't happen as you know. Honestly, I didn't want it to happen at all but tossed out the bone to get a feeling from the blogsphere. Just so you know, I would have done it.

Finally, I am very proud of you for hanging on to the running dream. You have been so patient and have overcome a tremendous struggle to get to this point. I know great things lie ahead for you. Gonna run the Blue Nose next year?

robtherunner said...

That's an awesome long run. Just make sure to only give me credit when it goes well.

I'm with Craig as well. What's the fun in finishing the draft before the deadline?

Sarah said...

I hope Blue Oyster Cult was peachy. : )

I'm thoroughly impressed with your long run! Way to go. And kudos on nearing the completion of your exam paper. : )

Ginger Breadman said...

wow, you did have a crazy week! nothing like a little bit of life - but I'd do without the burning gums smell. 'hope the concert was fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for getting me the hair removal kit. Much appreciated. (I'll maybe update my comment after seeing how bad the chemical burns are; this stuff sounds dangerous.) Oh, and giving the cashier some line about how it's for my wife? That doesn't help (tried it for other products); I still go all red in the face. There are some things I'm just uncomfortable buying, and women's hair removal products is one of them. Then there's..., ummm -- oh, never mind. I'll do you up a list. Thanks, you're great!
Cyclist Friend

P.S. Robb, if you're listening here, I sent you a comment but it somehow didn't get through. Before you completely trash the idea of leg shaving, know this: Tough guys shave their legs -- ask Sarah. And I know you're tough, so get on it...