Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The challenges we love to hate

These past few days have been wonderful. Instead of diving back into my school work like a madwoman, I decided to extend the break a bit and enjoy summer. So far, I don't regret it a bit. I know that when I get back into it, I'll be full on until it's done (a year? maybe two? or even three?) so I figure that it is sensible to recharge the batteries for now.

I have been doing things like going strawberry picking, attending cycling races and even doing a bit of cross training on my own bike. Gord suggested a bit of hill training. I agreed, though with reservations. No confidence... very little experience on a bike.

Yeah, well... I was gasping like a wizened old couch potato. Mind you, I was climbing the same hill that I had seen people racing on the day before, so perhaps the bar was set a bit high? For those of you who know Calgary, my room mate took me out to Canada Olympic Park. We started at the bottom, in the parking lot, and followed the road up the top, where the gates are. Anyway, after much huffing and puffing, I got there, but it wasn't pretty. I could hardly even talk. When I could, all that came out was a string of profanities that I'm quite sure Gord never thought were part of my vocabulary.

Good thing that trainer Kevin has me on an intensive program with lots of cardio mixed in. Clearly, I need it!

Dr. Mike, the chiropractor, has just cleared me to run another half marathon! I was thrilled to hear this. I thought he'd tell me not to push it. Instead he told me to go for it. I beamed all day after I heard that.

I've signed up for a 5-mile race at the end of August and with any luck, I'll do another half in September. I've quickly discovered that signing up for events keeps me motivated in my training. I like knowing that I have a concrete goal to work towards... and training becomes an enjoyable way to look forward to it.

Oh yeah, and speaking of running, I watched a documentary about Badwater, the 135 mile race through Death Valley. I was in awe, almost morbidly grossed out, and definitely impressed. One day, I'd like to be on an ultra crew, just so I can support someone who's crazy enough to take on that kind of challenge.

OK, time to go feed the cats before I call it a night... dreaming of the next half marathon.


Anonymous said...

Just so everyone's clear on this, I'm pretty sure Sarah told me that in her
family it's traditional to learn to swim by being thrown into deep water,
sans assistance. (On a bike, the COP hill is roughly the equivalent of deep

At least I offered you a life jacket, eh Sarah?


robtherunner said...

That's awesome that you watched the Badwater documentary. How can you not want to run it after watching that? You're so silly.

Should I put you down on my future crew list? I figure it will be another 5 years or so.

psbowe said...

Training for a race always helps, that way you have a target to aim for.
It's not a pretty sight watching me crawl up a hill on a bike too! :)

Backofpack said...

Funny, Eric and I just watched Badwater this past weekend too. And we are already on Rob's crew list. Cool!

Glad to hear you are clear for the half - go-go-go!

ipodmomma said...

definitely grab these extra few moments before school gets back in!

olga said...

yay for another half-marathon!
While you are on Rob's crew, consider me for next year:) where Rob supposedly pacing.

Ryan said...

Sounds like a very well spent few days! Good luck with the half mary training. Funny thing when I was at Vermont 100 I got to meet up with Nick Palazzo from NY, what an interesting guy! Ya I agree it would be fun event to crew, not to sure about running that one tho?

John Vezina said...

Oh no! You are starting to be interested in ultras! You're doomed! Doomed! Ha ha, obviously just kidding. I would not want to run through Death Valley, having been there before. Nope. Not me. Too hot.

What are you studying in school? What is your thesis? Maybe I can find out by reading more of your blog. As time allows...

Sarah said...

Oh yeah, you're doomed now! If you show any interest in ultras, even as a crew, you'll definitely do one some day. Remember...I predicted it! : ) ; )

Robb said...

It's great the Dr. cleared you for another 1/2...good news for sure!!

I agree that it would be awesome to crew at Badwater! I'm sure you'll do it.

Granny said...

I wanted to comment on the post before this one but it wouldn't open.

Nothing earthshaking except to say I always knew you could do it.

Whatever "it" is at the time.

iliketoast said...

Dreaming .... next half is Noosa on the weekend!!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I'd love to do an ultra someday, but I don't see Badwater being one for me. I am inspired by those who do that one but, no thanks....lol

However, should Rob do it, I'd crew with you.

See you at Robert Half. It should be fun.

Turtle Guy said...

You'll master the bike, just as you've mastered all the other challenges along the way.

Proud of you!