Saturday, September 08, 2007

Get 'er done!

Oooh, I've just noticed that I haven't posted in over a week. Bad Blogger! It's been a busy week. First week back at school and life at the office was particularly hectic this week, with a big grant proposal due and a one-day conference in about a month, that I'm co-organizing.

I am not teaching this semester, with a view to getting my thesis research well under way. I saw the university filled with wide-eyed frosh this week and thoroughly enjoyed the surge of energy that they brought to campus. I had pangs of sadness about not teaching. I will miss the students. I won't miss the hours of corrections or preparation, of course, but you can't have one without the other, I guess.

This week my running has been less than stellar. I have found myself more tired than usual and I was unable to complete my scheduled speed training on Tuesday and my incline training on Thursday left me gasping. I felt like I was going to collapse, so I cut it short and went and did some yoga for about 20 minutes. I took Friday completely off training. I felt run down. And I haven't been looking forward to my workouts at all. I have learned that this is a sign that I am doing a bit too much and need to back off.

Besides, I had a 15-miler (25 km) planned for today. I wasn't sure I could manage it, and taking Friday off was one way to pump up my energy reserves a bit.

I didn't feel like going today, but I did. I just thought, "Get 'er done!" It wasn't the most stellar run I've ever had, nor the worst by any means. I got it done and I was happy that I achieved at least one running goal for this week.

My conditioning days are fairly intense and I don't know if I'm over training a bit (which I tend to do), if I'm anemic (which I'm also prone to) or just tired. So, my plan is to ease up just a bit and charge the batteries.

And with that, I will sign off with the hopes of catching up on my blog reading soon.

Night, night.


Turtle Guy said...

“I didn't feel like going today, but I did.”

You’re due an 'A' for persistence; perseverance, especially in the face of “I don’t wanna…” is admirable, commendable.

What was that you said about eastern women and their grit?

You go, girl!

Downhillnut said...

Getting back into a strict schedule, on a campus teeming with new people sharing all their germs can be a challenge to the immune system.

Take your rest time and your vitamins seriously, especially after those very long runs.

Backofpack said...

15 miles! Nice going. Hope you get your energy back soon. Look at your fueling over the stressful week too - could make a difference.

I love the surge of energy once the students come back too. Everything is lit up and sizzling!

Granny said...

Good for you on the 15 miles but it's good to realize when enough is enough as well.



Sarah said...

Good for you getting in your 15 miler. Sometimes you need to take a break. But getting the job done when you really didn't want to can be a nice boost!

psbowe said...

Nice going, it's like the saying "the decision(to run) has already been made so don't spend too much time thinking about it, just do it!"

Lack of sleep and not eat properly will do that to you; little or no energy. TAke care now Sarah.