Thursday, October 11, 2007

Running away from problems

I am happy to report that the cat is doing much better. She still has her cone on, but the healing is progressing very well. She still hates being showered, but so would I, in her position.

Having to deal with that little surprise caused a small dent in my bank account. Then, it got worse when I took the car in for an oil change and asked the mechanic (whom I trust) to check the leak under the car.

Was it a small leak? Well, yes, for now. Will it get worse? Yes. Is it cheap and easy to fix? No.

A "classic" problem for GM and Chrysler cars that use this stuff called "Dexcool" has finally hit my car. Aparently this Dexcool stuff corrodes the gasket of the intake manifold, eventually requiring said part to be replaced. (Aren't you impressed my mechanical vocabulary?) You can't use any other kind of coolant in cars that require Dexcool and yet the stuff basically breaks your vehicle down over time. There's been law suits over it in the U.S. I understand, but not in Canada. Anyway, now it's time for my intake manifold to be replaced. Excuse me while I cough up another $900.


These two things have me reeling. I am generally responsible with my money and I know surprises happen, but why can't they just space themselves out a little better? Being a student has its downside... the biggest one being finances, I think.

Anyway, I decided that adding a little bit of insult to injury wouldn't hurt, so I went and signed up for another half marathon (Nov. 11 - The Last Chance Half Marathon), just to distract myself and make myself feel better. I mean, these other expenses make a race fee entry seem small, in comparison.

I felt more focussed and positive after I did that. I thought, "I'm a runner. I'll cope. That's what we do."

In years past I would have stuffed my face full of junk and drowned my sorrows in pop. Now, apparently I just rust run away from my problems. :-)


Backofpack said...

Running away from problems via a half marathon is a great coping tool! There's nothing I hate more than pouring money into cars. Big bummer. If it makes you feel any better, $900 is a big dent no matter what!

Glad the kitty is feeling better.

ipm said...

better to run than sit and let the troubles get your bum stuck to the couch.... :)))

Turtle Guy said...

"Run, Forest! Run!"

...sorry, I couldn't resist! ;)

robtherunner said...

I like to run away from problems as well sometimes. A half-marathon is a good way to cope.

Sarah said...

Sorry about that unexpected car bill. But yay for running! : )

angie's pink fuzzy said...

a much better coping mechanism!

Anonymous said...

awesome blog! congrats!

PNW Runner said...

I like your coping skills. I feel your pain I am trying to pay down on my student loans then we must buy new tires on the truck!

Have a great time training towards your half.

matt said...

sounds like a very rough week, sarah. sorry to hear about the cat. my wife and i have 3 cats and have been stung by bills for more than one at a time. i hope nimbus is on the mend. as for cars, yes, my parents faced the same problem with their chrysler. i hope the third outpouring of money will make up for the other two.

good luck at the half on the 11th!

Robb said...

The old saying is..."every turn of the wheel is one less it'll make down the road". I have vehicles. They all cost and cost some more.

Hey, another 1/2 sounds great! That's the spirit.