Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Potpourri update

Well, life certainly zooms along!

It is Day 12 of no running due to a foot infection. I finished off the oral antibiotics yesterday and saw the doctor today. I'm to continue with topical treatments until it is completely healed. I can walk on it now, which is a step forward.

I'm trying my best not to go completely insane. I've been doing stationary bike workouts and weights like some kind of demon. My trainer gave me a new workout that I'm supposed to start tomorrow, which is good. I need something to keep my brain occupied.

I have signed up for yoga and "cardio salsa" this term, too. So far, the yoga is OK, but I've had to modify some of the moves in the cardio class. The instructor doesn't seem too impressed with that, as she is very keen for us to work hard and do exactly as she demonstrates. I've no intention of going into details with her about the foot situation. She's not open to it. So I do what I can and that'll have to suffice.

Hopefully the foot will be in good enough shape for the next fitness leadership course, which is February 2 and 3 - all day, both days. I've heard that it is quite an active weekend, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

That's the "extra-curricular" course, in addition to my "real" school work. I had to submit an application to an Ethics board to conduct my research. It's standard procedure at my university. It's also standard procedure for them to reject your first application and require (sometimes extensive) edits. I only got dinged with what seemed like minor edits. However, I have heard stories that they can come back to you multiple times, each time with new and different things to revise. You're not officially allowed to start any research involving interviews until you have clearance, so the process can drag on.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that these are the only set of edits I have to do.

I have been having trouble getting a response from people I'd like to interview at other universities. I started making calls and sending e-mails before Christmas. So far, it's been tough. I am documenting all my attempts, so if I don't hear anything, I may have to think my research plan. What joy.

In other news, I have changed jobs. My contract as a project coordinator at the research centre where I worked concluded before Christmas. Now, I am doing some research and project work with my Ph.D. supervisor and some (paid!) free lance writing. So far, I am enjoying it and the hours are flexible, which is very good for my sanity at the moment.

In addition to school, work, and training, two people close to me are getting married this year! My brother asked his girlfriend of 2 years to marry him and my friend, A., who has been a regular feature on this blog because she's been an avid supporter of my running, also got engaged over the holidays.

Both weddings are in June - a week apart! My brother's wedding will involve family visits from out of the province and it will be a busy time catching up with people we haven't seen in a long time.

A. has asked me to be her maid of honour. I was thrilled to be asked and already plans are underway!

I was out dress shopping, on separate occasions, with both brides last week. I am happy to say that after one trip, both girls now have beautiful dresses that suit them perfectly. Someone commented to me that I must be good luck! Well, whatever it is, I am very happy because they both look stunning in their respective gowns.

So, that is life in a nutshell lately. Until this infection is gone, I am focussing on eating right and getting lots of sleep. Since it's "lights out" at 10:00 p.m. for me these days, I'd better go make some lunch for tomorrow!

I'll be around to visit blogs soon, too!


robtherunner said...

Sorry to hear about the foot. I hope you are back to normal asap. Good luck with the busy life. I am sure one set of edits is all you need. You're wicked smart!

Backofpack said...

As I look down at my feet, I see two bloodied and black toes, and two band-aids covering healing blisters...and I wonder...was Sarah's foot infection the result of the type of self-doctoring I do? Jeez, I hope not!

Hope you heal up soon. Your life does sound busy - and happy. Keep it rolling!

Sarah said...

I hope your foot continues to heal well and isn't too painful. And fingers crossed for your research application. : )

Robb said...

The foot thing must bug you. Sounds troublesome. I hope you come around there Sarah.

ipm said...

hope all is getting better!!!

Runner Leana said...

I hope your foot is better! Congrats on the new job!