Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking forward to the Death Race

Here I am, back again after another long hiatus, which included a trip to England to present at a conference related to my Ph.D. program and then a short visit with family. It was fantastic and I'm thrilled I got the chance to go.

But between travel and weddings, I must confess that I'm happy to return to a bit of a routine. Running has been nothing short of magnificent. I've been focussing on the heart rate training, as recommended by my chiropractor. It entails doing lots of miles, while keeping your heart rate in a particular zone. It has required a lot of patience and much more discipline than I ever imagined because it means going slowly. At times, it means slowing down to walk. And then perhaps walking even slower if there's a big hill involved.

The result? A complete absence of injury. A gut that has almost forgotten what it is like to be grumpy. And feet that are happy and for the most part, blister free. And my knees... well, they've become my new best friends. Even with the Accutane, my body seems to be able to handle what it does to my muscles and joints much better when I follow the heart rate training program. Did I mention that my mileage has sky rocketed? I can go longer both in time and distance and recovery seems easy - or at least, easier.

I rarely go out the door wondering if I'm going to puke when I come home. Imagine that! I just go run... and enjoy it. So, in case you think I haven't been running, think again! I'm putting in more miles and more training time than ever before - and loving every step of it. I have always loved running. Now to go along with that is a deep joy and relaxation that is free from anxiety.

I've decided to take some time off racing and build my base so that when I do my next race I'm really good and ready for it. But there is a race that is occupying my thoughts as of late. Next week my brother and I will head north, to Grande Cache, Alberta, to volunteer at the Canadian Death Race.

According to Google Maps, Grande Cache is a 7.5 hour drive from Calgary. We have managed to secure accommodations (yaay!) and we're pumped.

Apart from volunteering, I'm also looking forward to meeting Michelle, who will be supporting her hubby, Eric, as he endeavours to beat death in the Canadian Rockies. And hopefully we'll be able to toast with a Canadian (beer, that is) when he's done.


Downhillnut said...

YAY about your running progress! Running should make you feel GOOD, not sick. It's not all about the speed, yada yada...

Welcome back :)

Backofpack said...

Sarah - can't wait to meet up with you too! Think we can get in a run?

Journey to a Centum said...

Beer whiskey whatever! I'm not quite into taper mode but getting close! Can't wait to see the area and get those climbs in!

Glad to see that your miles are building up. You are doing things right and your body is rewarding you!

Cheers with beers!

robtherunner said...

Good to hear an update from you. I am sad that I can't come meet you. Another day...

Sarah said...

Wow, your running sounds fabulous! : )

ipm said...

excellent!!! you must be just thrilled!!!

glad you had a good break in the UK and looking forward to hearing how this run goes!

Journey to a Centum said...

Beer sounds good! I suppose I should hold off until after the race. Drinking while running is not something I've trained for. I'm not one of those Hash House Harriers.

And look, Rob's sad because he can't meet you. He's so emotional!

Legs & Wings said...

Wow, you're back - good to see you again.

I recommend something from the Big Rock brewery...Grasshopper or whatever. Maybe Keiths...but I doubt that's available - yet again, maybe so with all the transplanted nova scotians out there.

Have a great time.

Joe said...

Sarah, your heart rate training method sounds super...especially with the avoidance of injury.

I'm rooting for Eric at the Death Race...thanks for volunteering, that's a big gift to all the particpants. Enjoy the long drive north!!