Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've been tagged by She Who Makes Waves. I need to come up with six random thing about myself and tag a few others. Here goes:
  1. My favorite candy is Smarties. When I was a kid one of my siblings told me they'd make me smart, so I ate them any chance I could get. Guess it worked. I'm doing a PhD. And I still like Smarties.
  2. I once saw Elton John perform at an outdoor concert in Madrid. That is the only time I have attended a concert held at a bull-fighting ring.
  3. I'm 5'1". There are ladders or step stools on every floor of my house. I use at least one every day for something or other.
  4. When I was 21 I was hit by a car while walking through a cross walk. It didn't break any bones, but the doctors said if I'd been taller, the impact would have shattered my femur. Yaay for being short.
  5. I lost all sensation on the outside of my right hip after that accident. You could have drilled a hole in my leg and I wouldn't have noticed. 15 years after it happened, I started seeing a chiropractor. After two visits, the nerves "woke up" and now function just fine. I had failed to tell him about the nerve damage since by then it was "normal" for me and it never occurred to me to mention it.
  6. I have a full birth brother, 5 years younger than me, who was given up for adoption at birth. We were reunited with him nine years ago and have become good friends since.
I'm tagging:
Local runner, Karen
Local runner, Dawn
My good friend from university and brand-new baby blogger, Claire
Another fellow Maritimer and runner, Robb
Runner and artist, Angie


Journey to a Centum said...

In 1975 Michelle and I saw Alice Cooper trip over a black light and fall 15 feet into the crowd. He was avoiding a prop that fell over on stage. He was singing Welcome to My Nightmare at the time at the Vancouver coliseum. The fans threw him back up on stage but it took about three tries. He sustained a concussion and broken ribs. After about 45 minutes they put a chair on stage and he sang his new hit Only Women Bleed. Ironically the bandage on his head was soaked with blood by the time he finished the song. That was the end of the concert... two songs.

I like smarties too! Being a "Marketing Professional" I have my PHD in bullshit. They must work!

Anonymous said...

What you call Smarties in Canada, we call M&M's in the US. :-) We also have a candy called Smarties, but they're pretty much little, hard dots of sugar. I used to get them on Halloween years ago.

She Who Makes Waves said...

Thanks for playing tag! I like the one about your brother. My brother is adopted. My parents adopted him at birth, he is only seven months older than me! We grew up in New Glasgow, NS.

Backofpack said...

I need to get me sum smarties, I not feelin two smart ths days...

I guess my problem is that I like all chocolate so have always willing eaten what ever form of chocolate crossed my path. I only have a Masters...but I'm married to a guy with a PhD in bullshit!

robtherunner said...

Thanks for the new tidbits about you. It's always interesting to hear stories from the past.