Monday, June 01, 2009

Time to catch up!

Oh, boy, it's been a long time!

Here's the quick update. I started a new full-time job in March, while finishing up my thesis. I successfully defended said thesis on April 6 and spent the rest of the month making revisions. It was handed in and I got the last rubber stamp (literally, a rubber stamp) of approval on April 23. I will graduate next week!

I have family coming from Ontario for the big event. I'm the first person in the family to ever go beyond the bachelor's level of education, so they're pretty happy. It's been a few years of lots-n-lots-n-lots of what feels like non-stop work.

School work wasn't even done when I started the new full-time job, so I've been on a bit of a learning curve. It's only a temporary contract (until the end of June), but given the job market, I'm pretty happy that I have it. I'm at a local college doing all kinds of applied research and professional development type stuff for instructors. Right up my alley!

Running took a big hit during these past few months of whirlwind life and transition. Miles decreased. Waistline increased. Love of running remained the same, but unsatisfied. Until recently.

I've done two 10K races this year. My plan of doing a marathon got demoted to a half marathon upon the advice of the volunteer coach of the running group I train with. He and a couple of others from our club were also training for their first marathon and putting in way more miles than I was. I realized that while I *may* be able to do it that it certainly wouldn't be pretty. And the risk of injury was high. I set my ego aside and downgraded to the half marathon.

Race day approached. I was feeling unsure. But it wasn't the usual type of uncertainty. I knew I wasn't ready. I hadn't done much running, my knee was grumpy and my general fitness level had declined some in the final stages of the thesis.

On the day we went to pick up our race packages, I went to the registration desk and asked to be transferred to the 10K. The volunteer working graciously obliged and I was set to go. Todd was also running in the race, but kept his original plan of doing the half marathon.

On the eve of the race, once again the blogging world brought like minded-friends together, we gathered with some friends from the blogging world to break bread. Dinner with Karen and her family and John and his wife, whom we were meeting for the first time. Karen put on a traditional pre-race meal of pasta and lots of carbs. The meal was lovely and the company was even better.

We finished up the evening early, with well wishes for runners and Karen, as a volunteer, knowing it would be an early start for everyone.

The race itself went well. It was my second 10K of the season and my time was only seconds faster than what it was in April. I am OK with that, given the lack of training I've had! The weather was fantastic and I saw and caught up with a number of friends, which is always one of my favorite parts of racing. It has inspired me to get back to what I love - and to blog about it.


Backofpack said...

It all sounds good Sarah! It's hard to keep the running momentum going during busy times. The good news is, there is always another race somewhere, some time!

Alexandra said...

You have been busy busy busy! Now it sounds like all your ducks are lining up. Good to hear that your blogger friends have inspired you to a come back. I always enjoy readng your posts and look forward to what you have to share with us down the road.

John Vezina said...

Sarah! I see you crossed the finish line in 1:09 or so which is awesome!

I was very happy and honored to meet you and Todd. Thanks for coming. You guys were great. You are always welcome if you are in my area.

I haven't checked Todd's half marathon time yet but I will. I will blog about my run later when I have more time.

Downhillnut said...

Good job on your race, Sarah! It was fun having you and Todd over and neat that you could meet John and his wife. It's always interesting to get to know our online buddies in person.

Now that you've got your rubber stamp, what are your goals for the summer?

ipm said...

congrats on the graduation, job and miles ran... looking forward to more coming!

Anonymous said...

why do people run marathons? i want to try it.