Friday, August 25, 2006


I noticed the other day when I came into my office something was a bit off; I mean, in terms of smell. It was an overly “earthy” (as in decaying) type smell… Couldn’t figure out what it was, since I tend to be fairly tidy in the office.

“Maybe I watered one of the plants too much and it’s got root rot,” I thought to myself.

Uhhh... not exactly. Today, I found the culprit. Tucked (or perhaps tossed?) into the bottom of a drawer was a plastic bag. Inside said bag was a disposable plastic container with the remnants of some beef stew in it. My beef stew. And it had leaked into the bag.

When did I leave it there? A long time ago. How long? I can’t remember exactly. At least a few weeks, I’d say, but maybe more.

I know what you’re thinking, “Ew! Gross! I’d never do that! She's a repugnant slob.”

If you were to walk into my office tomorrow I can assure you that the words “repugnant slob” would likely not be the first ones to cross your mind.

All I can think is that I must have been in one hell of a hurry one day and threw the bag in the drawer absent-mindedly.

Come to think of it... school is starting again soon… and I will be teaching one Spanish course this semester. Can I claim to be an absent-minded professor? (Actually, it’s just a contractual teaching staff position, but let's not split hairs and make even more of a mess, eh?)

Nevertheless, is probably a good thing that my week of being a slacker officially ends at 6:00 p.m. tonight when I have to get my tail back into the gym for a training session. Clearly, I have slacker-like tendencies that run deeper than even I care to admit!


backofpack said...

I bet you were the best slacker going while it lasted! I wonder if you'll be able to shake slackerdom off and get back in the groove, or if it'll be like oozy mud trying to pull you back in?

I hope you enjoy the gym tonight!

Granny said...

Just saying hi for now.

Sarah Elaine said...

Michelle - Definitely like "oozy mud" so far. Not good....

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

I've never thought of you as a slacker of any sort! But the best of us get forgetful every now and then. SO give yourself a brake.

Funny thing I too just posted about a stink on my blog lady Jan's home.


Sarah said...

I hope you'll be able to ease gracefully our of your slackerdom!

Anonymous said...

You should chekc out
for a similar discovery.

wthenrest said...

How much of a slacker can you bee if you have it scheduled? lol... ahh Sarah you kill me.
I think you still need a little work from sliding from Keener to Sacker... Hey! I love you that way though, of course!!

wthenrest said...

oops sorry for the spelling ..I hope there aren't any Brits reading. I am sure 'sacker' can't be good. It even sounds bad. I meant