Monday, April 23, 2007

Today is a good day to die

For those of you who may be shocked by that title, or just may not recognize the reference, it is from Star Trek. It's what Klingons say before they go into battle. For Klingons, dying in battle is honourable.

That pretty much sums up how I feel about this Candidacy Exam, which starts today. The questions will be e-mailed to me and then off on my little Vision Quest I go.

Yes, my stomach is in knots, but the way I figure it, nothing could be worse than Stats, so I'm already starting out well!

Michelle asked about posting the questions. I would love to share the questions, and I will, but only after the oral exam is done. There's this understanding that the exam is done independently, no one helps you, etc., etc. All very ritualistic, really.

If I were to post the questions, then it might *look* as if I were asking for help. (Not that any of you would give it to me anyway, of course!) But on account of my profs knowing my blog address, I'm going to refrain for now.

After I submit the paper (in 28 days) and after I have the oral exam that is based on the paper (somewhere mid to late June), then I'll tell all like a Hollywood tabloid. Promise!

And with that, I should stop procrastinating and go check my e-mail to see if the questions have arrived in my Inbox.


Misty said...

I admit the title did strike me as odd. Thanks for explaining. Great attitude to start with. Good luck!

Backofpack said...

Oh, Sarah, I never thought about that! Good point.

Best of luck, don't forget to eat, drink and sleep!

craig said...

I love the fact that you are not only intelligent, eloquent,and motivated but you are also ethical. Love the title.

robtherunner said...

Good Luck, Sarah! See you on the other side:)

Turtle Guy said...


...or is that, "Tally-Ho!"

No, it's Charge!

Sarah said...

I hope you are enjoying your quest. : ) Good luck!