Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bbrrrr !!!!

It is currently 7 degrees Celcius in Calgary. (That's about 44 degrees Farenheit for those folks across the border.) And it's raining. I just got in from my walk.

I didn't really want to go... Today I was at an all-day meeting at the other end of town and I just didn't feel like driving all the way back to the University in rush hour traffic so I could walk inside at the gym. I contemplated postponing it until tomorrow... But with the all-day meeting came gourmet food. Delicious... Pretty darn near close to divine actually, but far richer than what I am accustomed to these days. I felt lethargic and over-stuffed at the end of the day. Needed to move...

I went home, shivered for a while and thought about going out walking... Procrastinated.

I shivered some more... Called my brother. He's a plumbing and heating specialist. During the summer he came over and gave my furnace a complete servicing. In the process he discovered that a few bits were on the brink of failing... And he couldn't get the pilot light going again after he was done servicing it. Thermal coupler and some kind of switch, I think he said. Anyway, he promised to fix it for me. Bless his heart. By having him do it, I pay for parts... and save a bundle on labour.

He told me today that he's put his back out at work -- again. Except this time, he's off for at least a week, maybe two. He's having a hard time moving around. We bonded over chiropractor stories and chuckled over silly things. Then, I nudged a bit...

"It's... um... kinda cold in here."

"Oh? Well, turn up the heat."

"I can't."

"You can't?"

"My furnance isn't working. Don't you remember?"


"When you came to service it... You said something was broken... The thermal coupler, maybe?"

"Oh yeah! Right! I forgot!"


"Oh well... Put on a sweater. I'll see if I can get it fixed for you soon... once my back is in working order and I can move around."

"OK, well... No worries... Take care of your back first. It's no big deal. We'll get it figured out."

We chatted for a bit longer and said we'd stay in touch. I'm a bit worried about him because he's quite the "tough guy"... For him to admit that he can't really move around and it hurts like a son of a... gun.... is pretty extreme for him.

I was reminded that being able to move freely and without pain is something most people take for granted. I was on the verge of doing just that... thinking about how I wasn't thrilled with the idea of doing my training walk today...

I told myself that this is what I have been moaning about all summer... Wanting to be outside... walking... using my legs. "Well, you've got the opportunity now. Besides, you grew up on the East Coast... A bit of rain never killed anyone! Go!" I told myself.

I rooted around in my dresser and found a pair of leggings from back in my dancing days that would fit now and cobbled together a few layers... But it wasn't pretty. I don't have much in the way of outdoor training clothes for cold weather... much less rainy weather. I was rather a pathetic sight, with capri wind breaker pants on and leggings sticking out underneath... and a light shell of a jacket that didn't match the pants. But oh well... Whatever... I train to stay healthy... not to look pretty. (Note to self: buy some long outdoor training pants for winter, preferrably before the snow flies. And maybe a hat... and gloves...)

Went for the training walk. Felt great afterwards!

At the end of every walk, I get a treat. Sometimes it's a nice warm bath. Sometimes it's half an hour in front of the TV. Sometimes it's a bag of frozen peas on my knee.

Today's treat? My flannel p.j.'s!

They're white with different coloured snow flakes on them - mostly blue, pink and green. I love them. (They're way cuter than what I wore to go walking tonight, I'll tell ya that!)

To my utter delight, they are noticeably looser (hence, comfier!) than when I bought them last winter. Bonus treat!

And now I think I'll go make a nice hot cup of tea, too... That's always a good way to warm the body and soul, don't you find?


Downhillnut said...

If you had done all that writing and NOT gone out for a walk, I would have come over and swatted you. Can't kick you, MY knee isn't working well enough yet.

How often do you get to go out for a walk in the rain in Calgary? And it's not a fashion show out there, especially in the rain.

Do what you CAN. Enjoy it, BECAUSE you can.

Oh, and my favourite tea lately is Lady Grey. Maybe next week we'll have to walk together and then have some tea?

Anvilcloud said...

We've had two rainy days, but it's mild at 17 today. Naw, you definitely don't have to look spiffy to go for a walk.

Robb said...

I'm glad your remember your east coast roots...we're tough you know. Tough! It's been cooler here with a risk of frost in parts of NB...temps have dipped to 5 here 'down the shore'. Stay warm.

olga said...

Yep, the rain started today...I managed to squeeze in a workout early before. It'll be cold staying at the soccer kids watching kids play.

backofpack said...

I about froze at XC yesterday - the thermometer said about 58, but there was a cold, cold wind blowing.

Tea...I love tea. I drink way too much of it everyday. Red Rose tea with sweetner and lemon. Nothing better!

robtherunner said...

Fall has definitely arrived here with rain and colder temperatures. I have not turned the furnace on yet, but it has been chilly in the morning and we had a storm last night that almost knocked off our power. We saw a transformer blow as we looked outside our window. It lit up the sky.

I always look pretty silly when I run in the winter. I throw on whatever I have that will keep me warm.

Granny said...

Hope you enjoyed your much deserved tea.

Finally cooling off a little here as well.