Wednesday, September 07, 2005

And next thing I knew, I was taking a walk...

Last Saturday while I was out Latin dancing with Jacquie, she challenged me to join her at this year's AIDS walk. I found myself enthusiastically agreeing. And I signed up.

I'm doing this both to support the cause and as part of my commitment to get fit. (And Jacquie thought I'll I could do was move my hips on the dance floor! ;-)

One of my favourite people, my cousin Brian, died due to AIDS in 1995. He was a real kindred spirt, as the only other language teacher in the family and also had globetrotting tendencies. He inspired me just by being himself. Always loved him. Always will.

So, I will be participating in the 2005 Calgary AIDS Walk for Life, and am looking to my friends and family to sponsor my walk. All the money raised will go towards AIDS Calgary's pursuit of awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Please visit my donation page at
to donate, and help me reach my fundraising goal.

For more info about AIDS Calgary's programs and services, please visit their website at or the official Calgary AIDS Walk for Life website at

And a big, huge thank you to everyone to has sponsored me so far, or has offered moral support! You rock my world! Due to the great response I got in the first 2 hours, I've upped my fundraising goal. Can the rest of you help me reach it?

Oh yeah... and as for the fitness part... My personal challenge is to run, not walk, those 6 km. Well, OK, maybe jog...


Bast said...

Yay! Another person volunteering for the good of an excellent charity. Warms the cockles of my heart, really it does. I would join you, you know, but it's my back, really, it's a bit off ....have a great time, and you go, grrrlfriend!

Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

It is unfortunate that a friend of your died of AIDS. Perhaps we should put a lot of attention to this silent assasin. In a few years, it will surpass the other diseases as the greatest killer.