Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy September 1st!

Yaay! It's Sept. 1st! Apart from being the birthday of one of my most favourite people in the entire world (and if you're wondering who, the answer is buried in a previous blog post), it's also symbolic in other ways... Summer seems to be over. Sigh… Sadly, a few leaves have already begun to drop from the trees in Calgary... I’m actually sad to see the end of our ever-so-short summer but it does mean, of course, that school is just around the corner.

Most people my age worry about getting their kids ready for school. I have none of those, but I am busy getting myself ready for life as a student again.

I haven't been a student in years. Years! But this fall, I'm excited because I'm starting a Ph.D. (Catch me in November; I'll probably wonder why I even applied... But for now, I'm energized!)

I swing back and forth between thinking that I really must be crazy and having this almost-hyper tingly feeling inside, somewhat akin to being in love… but not exactly (that would just be weird!)

I have all the essential school supplies… laptop, iPod, a few new clothes, and of course, my text books (yes, we still have to read books!) Hhhmmm... I think there's something I've forgotten, but can't think of what it could be?

Yaay! I can’t believe I’m going back to school. Woo hoo! (Such a geek… I know!)

Happy September!


zouzou said...

I suspect it's the school TOYS that are the fun part. And don't worry I'll be prodding you along (if required) in November!

Scottie said...

Just remember the sooner you get behind the more time you have to catch up.

Bast said...

You go grrrlfriend! The only part I absolutely detest about the beginning of school is the overcrowding - of parking lots, of hallways, basically of everywhere I want to be. I get used to having the U to myself over the summer, and (yes - I'll actually admit it!) I resent having to share it with students!

sissoula said...

I also love these transitional periods of the year -- good luck with everything!

Cityslicker Mom said...

Good luck to you. I wanna go back to school too!