Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Project Rapunzel - Take Two

My friend, "cm", left a lovely comment on the post "Connections' big fundraiser" saying that she loved my hair colour in the photo. I wrote to her to say, "Thanks, but it's not new! It's mine!" (I know... it's a far cry from the blond hi-lites I sported through our years at SMU together...)

But now it's "au naturel" all the way, baby. And for a good reason.

For those of you who didn't know, my friend Alia (featured with me in the same photo mentioned above) have had an ongoing project for the last few years. We both grow our hair long and then cut it off so we can donate it to a wig program for cancer patients. The hair has to be all natural, no colour, no perm, nothing artificial.

I cut off 11 inches in March 2004 and Alia donated even more than that, if memory serves me. Now we're both on round two of growing-hair-to-donate-it. My stylist, the ever-glamorous Deva Dave (
www.devadave.com) has supported me every inch of the way (pun fully intended) through these past few years, giving me tips on how to keep it in good condition through the harsh Alberta winters and taking care of the split ends for me every now and then.

If all goes as planned, both Alia and I will do another donation next spring, so stay tuned for photos then!

Interested? Here's more info:

Click on the link for hair donations.

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