Thursday, May 18, 2006

Back from holiday time with the family

Well, I said good-bye to my cousins yesterday. They are now in Toronto with my sister and brother-in-law and will also get a chance to see my younger brother and his family on the weekend, too.

I’m back at work and feeling generally refreshed and focused, I must say.

There was a bit of a shock yesterday afternoon when we heard that Captain Nichola Goddard was killed in Afghanistan. She is the first Canadian forces woman to be killed in a combat role. And she’s the daughter of my Ph.D. supervisor, Tim Goddard.

As I was walking over to the student centre to get a coffee this morning, they were lowering the flag to half mast. A sad time for the family, indeed…

On a happier note, I have news about my knee and leg.

After my last appointment with my "other" Tim (the physiotherapist) -- only some of which I blogged about -- I felt a bit like I was running out of options. So, I tried something (and some ONE) new, on the recommendation of about 6 different people.

After an initial reaction that was not so pleasant (i.e. almost excruciating) which, I understand, is not a particularly common way to react (though not unheard of), I have seen results that can only be described as dramatic.

Lower leg pain – gone!

Lower leg swelling - greatly reduced!

Knee pain – greatly reduced!

Knee swelling – greatly reduced!

And it has only been just over a week!

I will post about it in more detail next time, but for now… any guesses as to what I’ve been up to or who I’ve been seeing??


angie's pink fuzzy said...

acupuncture? god, woman, enough with the suspense!

Granny said...

It's hard enough when any of our troops are killed (yours or mine) but even harder I think when there's a personal connection.

robtherunner said...

Sorry to hear about the death of your supervisors daughter. That is horrible.

I will go with the acupuncturist as well. Thanks Angie!

Turtle Guy said...

Hmm... you said "new", so I'm guessing you've already done acupucture... is it... a chiropractor?

On a solomn note, I am truly sorry to hear the news of any death, and in your case a double hit in a short period of time. You know where to find me if you need anything, k?

backofpack said...

I'm going with Olga's Rolfing. (Do they do that to legs?)

I'm sorry to hear the terrible news about your supervisors daughter. I'll be thinking of the family.

madcapmum said...

Hmmm. Massage? Hypnotherapy? Counselling for your inner child? C'mon Sarah, don't be such a tease!

madcapmum said...

I just realized I need a few more guesses -

Colonic irrigation?
Blood transfusions?
Therapeutic bungee jumping?

Janice said...

Aqupresure? I'll check back with you later later, but you are kill me with this one.

megz_mum said...

Massage, yoga, stretching - go on, tell us!!

Robb said...

Who you've been seeing? Well, how about the milkman? The mailman? The banker? The barber? The candlestick maker? The cobbler? The blacksmith? The ice-cream man? The troll? The dentist? The mechanic? The carpenter? Ah, that's enough.

The little vacation did you some good, what? Have a great long weekend!

Anonymous said...

I need to know the answer!! I'd go with either rolfer or graston person.

olga said...

sorry, forgot to log on:)