Monday, May 22, 2006

Squatter's rights and chiropractic update

As promised, a quick update on chiro, physio, etc.

The bottom line for the first few chiro appointments is that they were not fun. At one point, I could hardly walk.

I generally refuse - vehemently refuse - to take any kind of pain medication most of the time. But, when my brother looked at me and said, "You're hurtin', arencha?"

And I quickly shook my head and said, "Nah, I'm fine."

He replied with, "Liar! Here, take this. It's Ibuprophen." And handed me a bottle with little red pills in it.

He was right. I was hurting. I hated to say it, but he knew it.

It quickly turned into a three-day love affair with the little red pills. There may have been some red wine involved, too... Yes, I do believe there was...

There was other unexpected stuff, too... Let's just say the words "Mother nature", "surprise" and "excruciating pain" and leave it at that.

Three days later, I was back at Dr. Mike's and respectfully gave him hell.

He said, "This isn't unheard of... though it is uncommon." He said that most people don't feel anything to start... or maybe a bit of achiness... But generally, not a drastic reaction. He added that most women won't be honest enough to tell him about any "Mother Nature matters".

"Well, I'll tell you honestly, I almost didn't come back today. What did you do to me???" Not waiting for a response, I added, "Whatever it is, please back off!"

He said that the adjustments he had given me were actually quite gentle and promised to ease off. And he kept his word.

I have learned through this fitness and health journey that my natural tendency seems to be to push too hard, too fast, too soon. Whether it's a work out or medical treatment, things seem to work much better for me when the approach is simple, gentle and gradual, rather than shocking to my system.

I can be tough, but my body doesn't seem to need me to be quite so tough most of the time. If I treat it well... gently pushing and nudging it forward, it treats me well in return, slowly and steadily progressing. If I push it too hard, it hisses and spits, refusing to go anywhere.

If nothing else, this is a good life lesson for me.

The next few chiro appointments went much better. There have been moments with no leg pain, no knee pain and no back pain at all... I have remembered what it is like to feel like "me" again.

But so far, these are just moments... not days... Not yet, anyway.

I did go to Tim for a physio appointment last week and he has put me back on to squats again.

I never -- never EVER -- thought I'd be happy to be doing squats again.

But I am!

And they feel better than before... Not perfect, but definitely stronger.

I can't believe I am about to say this... I almost like doing them. (Gag!)

Do you see that, people? I do believe that is a teeny, tiny little light at the end of the tunnel! Stay tuned.... or you may just miss the upcoming post called "A return to running"!


backofpack said...

Yikes! Sounds like a nasty turn for the worse. Thank goodness you are better now! Keep up the good work and we'll read about you running soon!

megz_mum said...

Glad it is heading in the right direction!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

little red pills = runners best friend (unless you are out for a few hours, in which case too much advil will kill you)

man, that sounds excruciating - glad it's getting better! I'm seriously eyeing squats as something I need to do on my next you do full squats?

ipodmomma said...

you are tough, but cute too...

thinking very good thoughts for the future... will keep checking, as I don't want to miss a thing!

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

I was afraid that would happen!

It happened to me too, when I first went to the chiropractor for my bad back.

It will hurt at first because the tendon and mussels are use to being out of place, so when your back is adjusted back into place there is stress on those places. It will be like that for a while at least until your back is use the new position.

so keep the little red pills handy till then.


Jeremiah said...
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Jeremiah said...

Yikes on the Mother Nature Pain thing, as I had that issue some years back. That, of all things, is horrid. Sheesh. Sorry you had to deal with that.

You know, I've been getting myself hurt so much trying to get myself in shape that I may go back to pumping cheeseburgers and lifting beer and stretching to get the remote. I may not live as long, but I'll be pain-free...

Robb said...

I've had a back battle a couple of times. Chiro does help + time. You'll be running again soon enough. I know it.

Ginger Breadman said...

Recovery isn't easy. Let the process take it's course - you'll be glad later. It'll probably be like discipline training. You've just inspired me to do squats. I hate them too, but if they have a purpose, and you're able . .

robtherunner said...

I am not a pain killer type of person either, unless of course it's the good stuff. I don't like to mask the pain, I want to feel it, unless of course it can be masked enough to make me want to lay on the couch feeling comfortably numb. OK, enough of the flashbacks to my teenage drug use.

I wouldn't miss any of your posts.

zouzou said...

yahoo! good news. I agree, you are certainly a "do it all right away" type of person when tackling a new activity. (Which is both good and sometimes not so good for you physically!) In any case, you're looking mah-velous, and the news is all good! you go, grrl!

Turtle Guy said...

I experienced much the same thing... no, not the "mother nature pain"... but when I started using the most recent set of orthotics. It was the first set that incorporated a 2cm lift in the right side. All was good for the first couple weeks. Then... OUCH! Amazing, my body was starting to regain it's proper form! I went a couple days without the orthotics and everything started to slip, and THAT was painful too.

Keep it up, as I know you will, you'll be running in no time.