Sunday, November 12, 2006

General update on a Sunday night

I continue to clean, purge and organize things around the house. I feel like it's just time to let go of stuff.

They say things go in seven year cycles, don't they? This year marks seven years since my Mum died. At this time seven years ago, she was in hospital with the cancer that had been diagnosed in late October. Five weeks later she died.

Her passing has become a marker in time of sorts. I am finding things around the house and thinking to myself, "Gosh, I've had this since before Mum died... And I never use it!" And so, many things are being sorted, donated and ditched. It is mentally and emotionally draining work -- and it feels great!

I'm especially happy becausemy basement is now neater and more organized than it has been since I moved in! I still have a ways to go on it, but I'm thrilled to go down there and see it looking so spacious.

I am realizing how very little one actually needs.

And I am becoming more comfortable with scaling down in a major way. The less, the better.

I'm still thinking about selling the house. Still not sure... But am leaning towards it at this point. Will keep you updated.

At school, everything is ticking along. The class I am teaching is going OK, but they are not the most stellar group I've ever had. They are not the worst, but I've also had better.

As for school work, I'm currently drafting my final paper for my stats class and getting together an outline for my thesis proposal. My thesis committee (comprised of my supervisor, and two other professors) has officially been set, so the next step is to get the outline for the proposal done and hand it in to them. With any luck, that will be in January.

And stay tuned for an update on the walk/run program. So far, it is progressing as planned. Now, if I can just keep this plantar fasciitis at bay...

Only 4 more weeks until the end of term!


Misty said...

I too find that "organization" - the cleaning of closets, drawers, etc. comes in spurts, mostly because my energy levels to do such things also come in spurts.

I'm ordinarily not a pack rat though, keeping only a few totes of items in my laundry room - specific to holidays and such. But my paperwork is in a completely different category. At the moment, it is spread over about 5 places that I have to sit down to sort through, file, complete, etc. It is usually the time-consuming activities that zap my energy just thinking about what all needs to be done.

>>>If you do plan to stay in your house, but simply need to feel like it's a new atmosphere, then the organization will definitely help. You could also try changing your furniture around and/or redecorating or painting a different color on the walls.

backofpack said...

Sounds like hard work Sarah - both the organizing and the thesis. And both projects will pay off in the end!

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

It all sounds good!

It feels good to get all your ducks in a row dosen't it?


sissoula said...

I cleaned out a desk drawer yesterday -- I found a calendar from 2003, and all sorts of notes I'd made in the past few years, detailed plans that didn't pan out, a map I drew and never followed, a list my dad wrote of schools that might have hired me, if... It felt great to clean out, but it can be draining, to look back on a life, the events that happened and changed us forever, and ones that didn't. You may find a lot of stuff that you never used and never will, but I have this idea that nothing is wasted.