Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fruitcake arrived!

Wow! I can't believe it!

I just walked by the front counter at work and there was this box... for me... from Yorkshire! The fruitcake arrived!

And not just fruitcake.... an ENTIRE fruitcase! (Geez, girl, hope there's some left for that family of yours!)

And there was Yorkshire tea, too! (That does sound interesting, I must say.)

Thank you soooooo much!

Our office assistant, Olga, just went to Tim Horton's for coffee (it's a Canadian thing... Tim Horton's coffee... ) when I saw the box, so we shared a slice when she got back.

Sorry... I just couldn't wait for Christmas. There's snow on the ground today and it's cold... so, it feels like Christmas!

We'll have to try the tea later.... (with another slice!)

OH - MY - GOD!

This is DI-vine!

People either love fruitcake or they hate it. I love it. (Probably because of my British blood?) But whatever... who cares...

I'm in ECSTASY (and not the kind that you buy off the street, either).

Good thing I just spent an hour on the bike at the gym. If I don't put this cake away, I'll have to spend an entire DAY over there... and I'm too busy for that! I had to get up at 6:00 a.m. just to make time to work out today... ughh!

Anyway... I'm thrilled... This is too cool... You meet people blogging and next thing you know, you're getting spoiled with goodies in the mail. (I'll have to see if I can find something appropriate to send over your way...)

This is my first off-line exchange with a blogger who wasn't someone I already knew. And I'm delighted. (Can you tell????)

People often ask me, "Who are all those people who leave comments on your blog?" Heaven knows, most of my "real time" friends and family don't leave comments (that is... unless they're bloggers, too!)

So, I usually respond, "Other bloggers."

Now I can say that sometimes, "other bloggers" are not just anonymous far away people who share comments.... but every now and then there's a special one who shares something from the heart.

Thanks again, ipodmomma! You rock!


oldhall said...

Wow, that was fast... no problem about arriving before Christmas, I reckon... we're glad you're enjoying it!

Granny said...

That's how I feel as well. I've made so many friends in the year (counting Blogging Baby which might as well been a blog, I was there so much) I've been doing this.

There's always something to talk about or listen to. There's always a place to ask for help or even to send a hug when that's all I can do from afar.

That's a great picture of ipod & hubby. I should tell her so.

ipodmomma said...

oh wow, I am so glad you like it!!! I love fruitcake (English please, not US) and it's really nice to hear someone else likes it as much as I do...

yee-hee... :)))

well, that's really wonderful... I was just hoping you wouldn't think it was icky...

you made my night!

after T-day I am so ready for Christmas... and we had a wee bit of snow yesterday, so it's starting to feel like Christmas... I even bought a Christmas CD today...

I like the tea best with just milk... but OH likes it black, with a good spoon of sugar.

if it's something you find a liking to, let me know... I'll post you a proper sized box... very nice tea...

have a really great day! and I send you happy fruitcake wishes!

Turtle Guy said...

Such excitement! I, too enjoy a good slab of fruitcake. My Mom used to make both dark and light. Dark was my favourite, but then, fruitcake is good any way it comes!

The world really is full of kind and generous people. I'm impressed.

zouzou said...

Umm... sharing?

Sarah Elaine said...

Yes, will share! In fact... have already shared! I promise valiantly to save you a piece, Z!

Turtle Guy said...

don't miss out, Z... it's fabulous!

madcapmum said...

Oh, I miss fruitcake! I should find a gluten-free recipe.


Elliot said...

How generous, ipodmomma! So, I need to try that English fruitcake then. The US one isn't doing it for me, either. Sarah, you need to post a photo of it, and maybe attach a piece to an email and send it to me.

You know the old joke about fruitcake. There is actually only one fruitcake in the whole country. But, no one eats it, so it just keeps getting sent to a different person every year.

Sarah Elaine said...

Elliott - I can assure you, this fruitcake won't be passed around for years on end! Between Olga, TG and me, it's already half gone!

Promised to save Z. a piece too. Hope it's not gobbled up by the time I see her on Saturday!