Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Because you asked...

(and I'm so damned pragmatic, I'll answer...)

OK ... so a few of you have asked how I possibly manage to get into three bras before I jog -- and if it's actually necessary.

The short answer to the last question is: yes. If it wasn't necessary, I wouldn't do it.

The short answer to the first question is:
  1. one under-wire sports bra
  2. one one-piece "compression" sports bra (affectionately known as a uni-boober)
  3. one built into the top

The tops are sleeveless workout tops and to be quite frank, a bit too IMmodest for my taste, but with three layers on, I just couldn't handle throwing a T-shirt on over top.

(Besides, most T-shirts are way too long for me anyway and look like night gowns. I tend to go for what would be classified as crop tops for most girls, but on me, actually come down to my waist, covering everything nicely -- but still too hot over three other layers of clothing.)

a. and I went to this women's fitness seminar at a local shop last Sunday night. The featured presentation was on sports bras. It was a complete joke. The presentation was done by a rep of a company that makes them.

The rep had... how can I put this politely... a figure that ... clearly showed she could not relate to our pain.

I tried on their "super high-impact" model anyway, just to see.

You never know until you try, right?

Yeah, right!

As IF!

I'll stick to my system of three for now, thank you very much.

I keep hearing about the Ennell though, so I will have to check it out soon, I think.

So anyway, I've gone for functionality over personal preference when I jog. Hence, also trading long capri pants for shorts when I run.

Way, way too immodest -- and probably makes me the biggest eyesore in the gym -- but whatever. It's better than passing out from overheating.

As I re-read this post, I am aware that I am starting to be less and less intimidated about this whole exercise thing. Before, I just wanted to fade into the background and never, ever be noticed -- not by anyone -- EVER!

Now, I really don't give a rat's ass if anyone notices or not. I haven't been thrown out of the gym yet, so I really don't care.

I go and do my thing... for what it's worth.

Only took damn near six months of going to the gym on a regular basis to get to the point of "not giving a rat's ass".


Anonymous said...

Oh, so that's how you do it!

oldhall said...

I don't know, but I expect this is one of those cases where you have a scab on your forehead, and people keep asking about it, even though it's not there for any remotely interesting reason, and you finally snap and say, "you want to hear about my forehead, punk? Do you really want to know???" and then begin your clenched-teeth tirade about running into a tree branch.

I mean, everybody thinks- three bras! Whoa! Now THAT sounds interesting. Now we have your detailed installation plan, thanks...

So, the LAST thing you probably want to hear is a serious comment, especially from a MAN. Well, alright, it's not a completely serious comment, but it's the best I can do, under the circumstances.

Here it is: I think the third bra, (the most 'exterior' of the three, from my frame of reference) is, (ahem) somewhat gratuitous. I mean, it's built in, right, so it's not like you made a functional design decision (unless I'm mistaken), such as- "the underwire and the uniboober are ALRIGHT, but I need MORE".

I suppose it's a pot/kettle/black scenario, here, after I write all this, complaining that YOU'RE being gratuitous.

Thanks for the comment on my recent post, incidentally...

Enjoy your day

M A F said...

3 bras? Sounds like a case of function before form...wait, or is that function because of form?

I hope you find the athletic supporter that allows you the chance to be free of the 3 bra pile-up.

Sarah Elaine said...

oldhall - The one built into the shirt is useful actually. For some, it is used instead of a separate bra. So... functionality is paramount!

Mac - Thanks for the comment. Perhaps if I had better form (i.e. stronger muscles) to start with, this wouldn't be an issue!

sissoula said...

I won't say anything about bras or whether the pragmatic approach is to answer such questions or not, but I will say I love any and all expressions involving rats... including the simplest and best and most appropriate in any "tight" spot.


kt said...

u r 2 funny! i'm 1 4 the 2-3 bra scenario 2!!! that is, B4 enell!
get on the bandwagon, friend! you gotta order NOW cuz you might GET it in TWENTY wks! it's insane but so worth it! have you gone 2 their site & figured out the size? i'm wearing a hanes uniboob bra under my enell right now ONLY cuz i've lost enuff wt to be bouncing around in my formerly PERFECTLY-holding-me-in enell!
only problem there is, when i ordered in august, i ordered a 3. by the time they do my order, will i need a 2? i can only hope. the way things R going tho, no such luck. i think i can change my order when i comes around time for it.
seriously, the enell, while COMFY, is like an upper body straight jacket. only thing i don't like are all the eye hooks. but they're in front. so, don't hurt your wrists too bad. it is SO COMFY. worth every penny (after YEARS of bouncing & pain WHICH RESULTS, ultimately, in SAGGage...well, that and breastfeeding 3 babes!) and worth every eye hook!
get one! you are worth the $$. (your boobs are!)

kt said...

hafta comment on the not-caring-that-people-see-you-now:
i too struggled w/ that.
a few months ago, i dint wanna just run out my door & commence slogging cuz was so concerned about onlookers.
that usu.lasts about .3 miles (give or take=)).
when all the bobbles are out (you know how you notice all your body jiggles ...then they get numb and you cant really feel them anymore?) i feel like a runner & don't really care.
i've oft said, on the way home, not only do i not care if people see me, i could be running NAKED & not care...such is my EUPHORIA at having RUN that day & i'm on the home-stretch!
don'worry...that's not really on the agenda any time soon. i think i mite get arrested. i know my neighbors would need therapy after seeing that sight!
great job on the working out. we'd-a-never known had we not tried, eh?
and 'tis good advice: JUST DO IT!

love ya

M A F said...


Me thinks my attempt at humor didn't go over to well. When I mentioned form...

I am backing away from the shovel now.

Sarah Elaine said...

Mac - Not at all! I got the humour. :-) No worries, buddy. It's all good.

I work in languages, so I especially appreciate plays on words. Yours did make me smile. :-)

I was... sigh... hanging my head in shame... if only it were what you implied! But alas... such is not the case. :-)

Ain't it great to be (imperfectly) human?

M A F said...

Yes it is Sarah, yes it is.