Thursday, October 06, 2005

Blog fodder

A few months back, Adrian (a.k.a. "Young Cousin") got me started on the Urban Word of the Day. A new hip term gets delivered to your in box every morning.

In my case, that would be along with e-version of The Globe and Mail, BBC news alerts, real e-mails from people I know and love, a variety of spam and an overwhelming amount of work and school stuff.

The "UWoD" is just one of those fun little things that keeps it all interesting. Some of the words are garbage (or "rubbish", as Adrian would say) and I'd never use them at all, but every now and then, there's a gem.

For those of your in the blogosphere, you might appreciate one that came out earlier this week: "blog fodder". You can find the definition here:

If you read enough blogs, you find there's some you enjoy and others that are rubbish in and of themselves. Personally, I find that most anything that would make for good stories over a family dinner is worth blogging about.

Hence, for those of you who are far away and we can't break bread together this coming Thanksgiving weekend, at least we can share stories!

Oh yes, and for the rest of you English Cousins, Thanksgiving is not just an American thing! (I just about choked on my tea when Adrian asked about that over MSN a couple of days ago! Good thing you were out of smacking range, Young Cousin!)

We celebrate it in Canada, too - except that ours is earlier, I suppose because the harvest for which we are supposed to be thankful is also earlier than in the U.S.

Ah, look! There was a bit of blog fodder right there.

And isn't it ironic that the very term "blog fodder" became fodder for today's blog? ;-)

And with that, I shall return to what I'm really supposed to be doing at the moment - work!

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