Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wall-to-wall pink

So my house mate, Leah, asked me if she could paint her room. At first, the hairs on the back of my neck bristled. I had an interior designer help me choose the colours for my house and then, I painted a good deal of it myself (with the rest being done by the ex... at a time before he was the ex.)

Anyway, Leah said, "The colour now... It's just... really not me. I would pick a colour that matched with the scheme of things, I promise."

I thought, "She's a great house mate. If it will make a big difference to the quality of her life here, then really, it's not such a big deal..."

Neck hairs laid flat again.

I said, "Sure, go for it."

She brought home some samples and they all seemed reasonable, so I told her to pick the one she liked best and have at 'er.

The result is now a light pink room (formerly known as the taupe office!)

It does look larger and brighter, I have to admit.

But I have confess... I never thought I'd see pink walls in my house.

Ah, what the hell.... it's only paint!


CM said...

After splitting up with Norbert, who always hated pink in any form, I went on a "pink" binge in the form of buying pink clothing, which I never felt I could do when I was with him because he'd hate it. Then I began buying those pink "Race for the Cure" items for the kitchen. I have the blender, silicone pot holders, mixing bowls, etc. More and more pink is finding its way into my life, although I haven't extended that to the walls. I think pink can be very uplifing. And like you say, it's only paint.

Here in Iowa, one of the universities has its locker rooms for the visiting mens team painted in pale pink. The theory is that it makes the other team less aggressive. Psychologists have not settled the matter. Apparently some prisons use pink rooms to "calm" inmates who are getting out of hand.

Whatever the case, it's better (in my opinion) than black, which is also hell to paint over with any other colour.

Damien said...

No way we've just finished painting our guest bedroom. Its bad, really bad. Its like a glowing bright green (it even seems to glow in the dark). Ahhh wait its almost the same color as Kermit the frog, really really bad.

zouzou said...

My niece just painted her room emerald green on two walls, teal/turquoisy on two walls and black on the ceiling. talk about COLOURFUL. I admire her chutzpah.