Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day five of rest - Remembering to laugh

When I got up today, everything hurt. So, I sat on the couch for a bit, with the heating pad on my back, frozen peas on my knee, a cat on my lap, my morning coffee in one hand and the Tao of Pooh in the other.

It wasn't exactly what you'd call a pretty picture, but it did happen to be exactly what I needed.

Once all the creaks were worked out and cobwebs cleared out by caffeine, I went and met A. at the gym for our peer-tutoring session. I forgot my shoes at home and so, the whole thing got delayed by 45 minutes or so, while I zoomed home and back to the university again, just to get my running shoes, which I'd taken home during my rest week, so I could do my squats in them. (Yeah, like that actually happened!)

Normally, I'm a pretty together person, but... no so much lately! Anyway, A. was very good natured about the whole thing and patiently waited for me to get my life together. I did point out, "This is the end of my rest week. Can you imagine what I was like at the beginning?"

In any event, we spent a couple of hours at the gym, trading notes on what we each do in our workouts. It was both useful and fun. We spent as much time laughing as we did showing each other different exercises... I feel inspired to start again!

But.... Not just yet.... I have one more day of rest before then, and I intend to savour it!

After the gym, we had lunch and visited. A. said something to the effect of, "It's been a long time since we've spent an entire day together!" She's right. And it felt great!

After that, I had tea with Turtle and then came home... far too pooped to party tonight, I'm afraid. I have done a bit of web surfing tonight and so far, my informal research on overtraining shows that I am exhibiting pretty much all the classic signs of it, so I think a week off was much needed.

Next week, I will change things up a bit with my fitness routine. I have signed up for swimming lessons! No doubt, there will be lots more laughs to be had as I report on that new adventure. As my friend Z. puts it, "I swim like a rock".

So stay tuned... the adventures will continue!

Tomorrow though, I will be very busy... resting!

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wthenrest said...

Ok! If you think you are not together just because you forgot your I am in big trouble!!! Lighten up girl !!
That is just an oversight not a total breakdown.
I am glad you are having a great rest week. Laughing is good. Everyone need more of it!!