Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Legs and baby (not belonging to the same person!)

Two quick things...

Item one (less important)

I had another physio appointment today. As usual... many needles... though not as many as last time.

Good news: Knee is feeling better (though still puffy).

Bad news: the physio says he would not be surprised if it IS compartment syndrome... though was VERY careful about not giving me a diagnosis, telling me to wait and see what the doctor says... sigh...

More good news: I am now barred from doing squats until further notice, as it increases the swelling in my leg. (Woo hoo! No more squats!)

More bad news: I am still barred from running, or even walking, during workouts.

Item two (very important!)

I will keep this blog posting short, as my friend Z. over at Peel me a grape in labour. She is giving birth at home, with friends and family taking shifts being with her, and a midwife and her assistant to do the actual delivery.

My role (seeing as how I've never had a baby myself, nor do I have the slighest idea how to deliver one) is to keep everyone fed and nourished through the process. Whipped up a lasagne for dinner last night and tonight, it is slow cooker stew. (Baby wasn't expected for another week, so I had to do some scrambling on the food...)

When I left her house late this morning, Z. had been in labour for 35+ hours and still not dilated. Another close friend, J., is a Chinese medicine doctor and was preparing to do some accupuncture to move things along a bit.

I am on my way home to grab the stew and then go back over to Z.'s house for a few hours.

I am supposed to study tonight, but somehow I can not focus on my reading!!!

Will update again after baby arrives...


Granny said...

That's a long time. Sending good thoughts her way and yours.

Anvilcloud said...

Our first took a heckuva long time. Thirty-five hours may very likely not be real labour -- compared to what's to come, I mean. But it's a long, tiring and emotional wait. I know.

madcapmum said...

No update yet, so I'm assuming no news. Oi!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

35 hours and not dilated?!

yay for your good news (especially no more squats!) boo for the bad news (especially no running)

Have you checked out olga's blog? she has compartment syndrome.