Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day two of "rest" - Irony or "bull-oney"?

Here it is the end of the work day today. I find myself troubled because:

Things have become insanely busy at work… to the extent that I have just realized that I have quite the headache from not eating… sigh… Lunch time came and went. I finally inhaled an orange at about 2:00 p.m…. Not good… Not good at all!

I had hoped to go to the library this afternoon and do some research. Didn’t happen. My primary focus is supposed to be my studies, dammit! Oh well…

On Friday, I will say good-bye both to my assistant and Acting Director for an extended period. Everyone is working overtime to try to get a stupid amount of things wrapped up before that happens.

I did think about what it would be like to work out today… Fleetingly… for half a second…. But the thought was quickly chased away by a grumpy knee and another voice that said, “Oh yeah… and with no lunch, like THAT would have been smart!”

I found myself at my wit’s end today with one particular project… to the extent that I blurted out in a meeting, “That’s just bullshit!”

No one has ever heard me talk like that in the workplace before… I’ll use expressions like, “That’s baloney!” or “That’s ridiculous!” But noooooo… Today, the “inside voice” had its way…. And got me a few sideways looks, if for no other reason than I never use “bad language” at work. To say that I am feeling a bit of pressure is rather an understatement. (If it is any consolation… I think my words had the desired effect… The decision that was made was ultimately much more sensible than how it started out… Thank God!)

So now I am off to run a couple of errands and go home to get my reading done for my seminar class tomorrow... A class I really rather like and so, I am especially motivated to be well prepared for it!

Oh yeah… and lunch… Must go get some lunch… supper… whatever….


angie's pink fuzzy said...

must eat food

I had a day like that this week. I'm usually known as "Sweet Angie" - yeah, no, not this week. :) Hope things calm down soon.

backofpack said...

Sarah, what is your work?

I don't forget to eat very often - but if I do, it's a nasty headache for sure. Plus, did you drink anything? Dehydration?

Sometimes when those of us who are quiet and soft-spoken speak out, it really has an impact. Sounds like it worked for you!

Turtle Guy said...

...there's a good steak in your near future! ;)

Bast said...

And you still dropped by at "lunch" to see me at the presentation? I'm impressed, honoured, and a wee little bit mad at you (I'm a complex person, emotionally). The mad part is more out of concern for your health. And you know how much I enjoy it when my inside voice makes an outside appearance. Good grrrl!!!

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

I didn't eat anything on Monday, then it got to be five o'clock then my daughter wanted to go to wal-mart and get a new binder as hers was broken. We decided to get something at the McyD's while we were there, and waiting for the food I thought I was gonna pass out!

You gotta eat, not eating is a B-A-D thing!

Make sure you make the time, and keep something on hand to munch on that's a low calorie filler like fruit or pretzels. As I intend to.


madcapmum said...

It makes me giggle to think of you blurting that out in a meeting. Hee hee! See, it pays to save up your bad word points for a special occasion!

ipodmomma said...

you've gone from a 20 to an 8 in a year? now, who's the role model??? :)))

wow, that's fab!!! well done...

sometimes a little swearing can have great effect.

hang in there and I hope you had a nice dinner...

Granny said...

In addition to nagging you about resting, I must begin reminding you to eat.

It's what we grannies live for.

William said...

I hope things clam down for you. Stress is not a good state to promote healing, and those knees must heal.

Bonne Weekend!