Monday, February 27, 2006

Braced and ready for action!

Today I had an appointment at Colman Prosthetics and Orthotics. What a cool place! They do all kinds of prosthetics and orthotics and have a wall full of photos of elite athletes (both those with and without various limbs), including Calgary Flames and various Olympians. It was definitely a place that radiated positive energy and focussed on "ability", rather than lack of it.

I had my appointment and was fitted for the prescribed GII FX knee brace. I’ll start with one for the right leg and then, if necessary, get the left one later.

There are different parts to the brace and it was adjusted so that my knee cap is moved slightly towards the outside of my body.

OH -- MY -- GOD!

What a difference!

We’re talking IMMEDIATE pain relief! It was like there was nothing wrong with my knee at all. I thought, “God, I had forgotten what pain-free feels like.” I realized that I have simply become accustomed to (and yes… even in denial about….) the dull ache that is there all the time…

I walked down the hall. I ran up and down the stairs.

I immediately wanted to go outside and try it out on a run!

But alas, I am barred from running for the rest of the week, still… to give both my knees and my right shin a rest.

I asked when I should wear it and the fellow who worked more or less said to limit it to when I run, unless I really need it otherwise. I was half tempted to wear it around all day, just because it felt so damned good – despite its awkwardness.

I hope it’ll be temporary and that ultimately I’ll be able to do activity with my own two legs again, once they’re stronger.

But by George, I think we’ve found a good solution! At least for now.

Woo hoo!!!


Turtle Guy said...

Congratulations, sweetie! I'm grinning from ear to ear for you!

psbowe said...

That's awesome!

ipodmomma said...

wonderful!!! pain free living is the way to go... :)))

I think we don't realize what we live with, until it's not with us... can't wait to hear how the first run with the brace goes!!!

craig said...

Glad to hear that you've gotten some relief. That's great news.

madcapmum said...

Fabulous! Think about custom orthotics now - they made a huge difference to my foot AND knee pain for the day-to-day stuff.

M A F said...

Sarah, It is good to hear you have found relief from your pain in the knee.

robtherunner said...

We have a gal in our running group who has to use one of those when she is running. I always tell her she looks pretty hot in her bionic leg.

I bet it was amazing to experience the feeling of no pain.

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

Oh, that's great! I bet you never thought that knee brace=pain free before!

Take it easy and let it heal, and you'll be on the run before you know it.


wthenrest said...

I myself had a brace made there...There is just something about a man rubbing squishy stuff all over your leg...
I am glad it is helping you.
Yes, relief from pain is always good.

kt said...

so sarah..what about the bone scan?
man, mine is hurting sooo much!
but i thought no one thought these could be stress fractures since we CAN still run? or can you? i mean, i could still keep running thru the pain...and i was...up to 11 miles.
nothing now but 2-3 milers and sporadic...but what about that?

pls keep me posted. i know you will. i'm very happy for you w/ this brace! are you going to get orthodics? my doc said they'd prob cost me $400 outta pocket! but according to p.t. guy who watched me run (nice) i don't over pronate. so not worried about that.

he gave me stair exercises and such to get the knee going in right direction. i'm thinking mine's not nearly as bad as yours.

but this shin pain.. oh grief.
loves to you...