Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oven's fixed!

Well, thanks to all of you who gave me input on the oven (and especially to you, Janice!), it is now fixed.

Dave was kind enough to pick up a new element for me, during a day of running errands. Yesterday night, Leah and I installed it together after work.

When she said, "Well, should we try it?" I got all queasy.

You know how I am about fires, explosions and the like...

I chuckled nervously and said, "OK... I really should have bought that fire extinquisher though..."

She said, "It'll be fine!"

And she was right.


Needless to say, we celebrated by having frozen pizza for dinner, chased by some of Leah's divine baking.

Haven't eaten like that in ages! I mean, carrot sticks are good and all... but come on!!


ipodmomma said...

I hear a microwave is a good place to cook veggies... :)))

still really like that h/c!

olga said...

Pizza...who needs carrot sticks! :)
I donated my hair too, last November! Locksforlove, by Scott Jurek's advice. How cool! It feels so good to help out those kids. And we look younger (at least I tell myself so).

Turtle Guy said...

You had frozen pizza? I thought with the oven fixed you might have warmed it up...

I'm with IPM - your hair rocks, baby!