Wednesday, February 22, 2006


At Christmas, a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, so as to protect the innocent… or guilty, depending on your point of view...) gave me a very thoughtful gift that totally supports my efforts to get fit: a funky microfibre towel for the gym, some exercise tubing (complete with how to’s) and some divine body butter, for a treat after showering at the gym.

Well, the body butter is almost gone, the towel has been used on numerous occasions (though moreso when I had long hair to wrap up in it) and I’ve just learned how to use the tubing.

In a moment of jest she said, “You’re such a He-Girl now, with all this gym stuff!”


A “He-Girl”?


And besides… that would be “He-grrrrrl” to anyone who cares (dares?) to address me as such.

Since I had a feeling I’d be banned again from running, I asked Chris, my trainer, for a plan that would involve six days of weight training. His first reaction was, “Wow… OK… We can do that.”

Last session I learned some new exercises to add to my basic repertoire and today I got my training log e-mailed to me. The program looks like this:

  • Day One – exercises involving pushing (a.k.a. “Push program”)
  • Day Two – exercises involving pulling (a.k.a. “Pull program”)
  • Day Three – core
  • Repeat
  • Take a day off

After a rest day, I start the cycle over again. (I won't post details, since you know... he gets paid to design programs and all... Though I am happy to give referrals.)

I headed to the gym immediately after printing off my new program, asked a few questions and went at ’er.

The workout is shorter and more intense than I was doing before. And since I did the “Push program” today, I’ve really only done about a third of the program.



I love it! It’s short, intense, challenging – and fun! (Some might say… kinda like me!)

I had such a blast today with the different exercises, I just can’t wait to try the Pull program tomorrow!

Tomorrow I have the appointment with the sports med specialist and we’ll see what he says… But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he tells me not to think about running again for a while. In the meantime, I have something new to play with… And not only does it not make my injury worse…I can actually do it! And I am having fun!


In a gym!

Having fun!!

(Good grief, what IS the world coming to??)

I think we might be on to something here...!

God, I hope I don’t go getting all hairy and road-ragey now with all these weights… I am a relatively hairless creature, as far as body hair goes and I’d be most upset to start sprouting them now!


Sorry… make that… Gggrrrrr—LLL!

Now someone bring me a Gatorade with a parasol in it!


Turtle Guy said...

Allow me to dispel any notion you might have of "HE-ANYTHING"!!

No details here, again sparing the innocent... er... right.

I see a VERY toned Sarah in the not so distant future. You always find a positive solution - that rocks!

Good going, baby!!

robtherunner said...

After my upper body workout yesterday I am as sore as I have been in a long time. I would like to get back to a 3-day a week gym schedule. I will use you as my inspiration.

angie's pink fuzzy said...


I just got a membership to a community center with what seems to be a great fitness center, but I'm not very inclined to use it - although I should! (It does get over 105 degrees F in the summer...can't run in that now can I!) What an inspiring post!

kt said...

would you believe i've never heard of a he-girl..tho i can figure it out. i'd say you're NOT a he-girl! good grief.
have you gone for the bone scan? i wanna know what those answers were!

okey dokey girlie...i'll pray for you today. my shin DOTH hurt. still. ankle better today.


Chrystal said...

I think that whomever said the "HE-Girl" comment must have been around in the 80's. This person may have just been referencing "HE-MAN" that wonderful cartoon (which even as a girl I watched). Of course it would have been more accurate to say "SHE-RA" which was the female version of the show...but this was not as popular. In any case, it sounds like an empowerment statement from someone who admires your persistance and desire to get healthy (and strong) :)

zouzou said...

Hee Hee, thanks for protecting the not-so-innocent! Yahoo! I've always been a personal fan of weight training, it's the one thing that can get me onto a fitness program. Mostly cause my body responds to it really fast. Three weeks, I have biceps you can SEE! six weeks, my thighs have that nice long line from real quads! nine weeks, my abs look like arnie's! (okay that was a stretch) you go, grrl!

wthenrest said...

You are scaring me!! You are even starting to talk...jargon! hehe I am still confused as to what a He- girl is. I assume one with muscles? What is wrong with that...I have some somewhere.I think they are in the back of the closet with my summer clothes. You look great and I know you feel great because it shows:0) so you Rock!!!