Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Puff, the not-so-happy leg

That's my new nickname for this knee and shin of mine: Puff.

I had my eleventh physiotherapy appointment today. Tim checked out my knees and right shin and noticed:
  • Swelling in right knee and shin
  • “Clicking” in both knees. This “clicking” is not good news, because we thought we had the left knee sorted out. Apparently not.
  • Lower and mid back were pretty much seized up again.

He looked at me woefully and said, “Sorry, Sarah… You gotta rest. I thought you were ready to do the run/walk program, but it doesn’t look that way.”

I got a back full of needles… then a shin full of needles, followed by explicit instructions not to run and not to overstress my back muscles (since they’re connected to my legs and all…)

I was told that I could try the elliptical machine, but chances are… I’ll be back in the pool again.

I did try the elliptical today for about 30 minutes... Kept the resistance low and speed reasonable. (Rob the runner wouldn't even consider it a warm-up, I'm sure!) Anyway, everything was fine and I was thinking, "This feels all right! I can do this!"

Then, as if my magic, my shin swelled up so it looked more like my thigh.

sigh..... (I am icing it as I write this...)

See the sports med specialist on Thursday. I’ll update again then.

Anyone else out there ever have patellofemoral syndrome last this long? Or shin pain? Just wondering... !


Turtle Guy said...

Rest sounds to be the key. I'm no expert, but when the body sends signals, it's often a message to say: take it easy.

I don't have any expert advice - this is not my field, however what I will say is intended for your spirit. This is all part of the journey and together with all the people who have been and will continue to help you, you will find the solution. Your inner strength will help feed your physical recovery.

D said...

BUMMER. Good advice from Turtle Guy. Rest, ice, ibuprofen. Pool. Hopefully with some rest, you will be back stronger.

Turtle Guy said...

Being the researcher you are, hitting the internet for answers, I expect you've probably seen these, but I thought I'd pass them along.



I have a click in my right knee, as you know. I can work it out only in the pool with full-range-of-motion activity. ("cycling under water" (GENTLY!)) The KEY is NO WEIGHT BEARING. Even stretching won't relieve the "click", but in my case it's the tightening of the quad that put pressure on the knee. A stretch to loosen the quad along with the pool work on the knee allows me a few days to a week or so of "clickless" motion.

wthenrest said...

Sorry no advice...but listen to Puff when he tells you, "Hey Lady...I am hurtin here!!" Just know that this will pass.It is something you can recover from if you take care of it. I guess that was advice after all... drat

psbowe said...

Ewww, sounds painful. For the shin, all I know from experience is shin-splints tend to swell up if you try to run thru it. Only way to get rid of it is to not run, but pool running is a great alternative to keep your fitness level. Do lots of stretching, icing, massaging, and rest.

madcapmum said...

Oh dear. Sorry to hear this. I'm having to give up my walking and cycling too, while I try to figure out what it is that my deformed feet are doing to me now. Sigh.