Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bros before hoes

I subscribe to the Urban Word of the Day. Every day a new word or expression arrives in my e-mail box. Usually, it's nothing that would ever become part of my vernacular, but it does provide for a chuckle.

A while ago the phrase "bros before hoes" was the phrase of the day. And yes, that's how they spelled it -- as in, "garden tool"... but not. Anyway, one of the definitions is, "the law stating that always keep your buds before the significant other".

Not sure what, if any, would be the feminine equivalent. (Definitely NOT "hoes before bros!") Any suggestions?

I'm not even sure if I agree with the whole concept. Jury's still out on that one. (I fully expect a barrage of comments about it though, so please don't disappoint me!)

Anyway, for those inquiring minds who want to know... You haven't seen me cancel plans with you in the past few months, have you? One blog post (i.e. the previous one) won't change that!

So... yes, our girls' night is still on! I will still be making paella and Spanish tortilla. And we will still be watching Keanu Reeves in all his Matrix glory!

Nuff said. :-)


madcapmum said...

If I was going to respond in kind (though so much more fastidiously) to "bros before hoes", I might suggest "Girls Before Churls". But that wouldn't be Nice.

How 'bout Nails Before Males? Or, Hens Before Men? Or Chicks before.. Wait, that wasn't nice either. I'll keep thinking on it.

Sarah Elaine said...

MCM - Rarely do comments make me laugh out loud. But yours just did!

M A F said...
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M A F said...

Sarah, "Not sure what, if any, would be the feminine equivalent. (Definitely NOT 'hoes before bros!') Any suggestions?"

Chicks before dicks.

You asked.

(The dlete is mine. I made a typo that would have negated the "charm" of my suggestion.)

Turtle Guy said...

This is difficult for me because I really don't subscribe to the concept. However, because I do like to play with words, I will endeavour to contribute:

Bras Before Boys

Doll Before Dude

Lass Before Lad

Minx Before D....

wait... family G rating here, right?

wthenrest said...

I was thinking a good deal about this...I know- no I didn't have much to do today.
I got nothin... first of all because I hate all the cutesy names for women...not to mention hoes even with that spelling. I really don't subscribe (I like that word) to this idea either. How about just 'have fun and see you tomorrow'

robtherunner said...

I responded to this right as my power went out and I can see that it did not go through. I would have to say that I did not follow this rule since I have been married for 11 years now and only have a few of my "bros" that I still talk to.

kt said...

sarah: i cannut believe you might have a stress fracture. that makes me sad. how beeezarro-world though, that it would go undiagnosed this long. you haven't BEEN running. why would a stress fracture stay fractured so long w/o healing while you were staying off it? this is a weird thing and i just can't believe it. i can't wait to hear diagnosis. let me know what the bone scan entails. recently someone speculated you'd have to get injected w/ radioactive dye to get it done. so beware of that!
let me know!
i love the new do. were you able to get it looking like that again? you look great in short hair. very daring of you, mon friend!
love ya!

olga said...

Don't know who is before who, but R. is important...for mental AND physical health. Good luck finding balance:)

xx_chaineddown_xx said...

I appreciate you comment you left on my blog, it was very helpful.

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

I like to try too. . .er;

Dolls before trolls

Sorry that's all I got!


zouzou said...

I vote for chix before dix. It isn't really ABOUT that, IMHO, but even so we do say men come, men go, but your friends stick around. It's something about having a sense of identity outside your R, and being more than just half of a couple. Oddly enough, I think men are more vulnerable to losing their friends after they enter an R - I've heard too many stories of guys who split with their wife or partner only to discover they have no friends of their own.

MissChaotic said...

Wo before man. Get it? Like "woman."

Okay lame...

Joel N said...
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Anonymous said...

Hen before Men ? - all sweet and victorian.

I personally prefer chic before dic or chix before dix

those were uber cool. Kudos kids

Ocean (a male by the way)