Saturday, December 17, 2005

Back to having a puffy knee

Sigh... so, after a few weeks of diligently… religiously… even obsessively… following Tim (a.k.a The Physiotherapist)’s instructions of stretching, leg lifts, icing and anti-inflammatory cream… staying off the track, off the bike, off the leg press and doing my only cardio in the pool… I was delighted when he told me I could go back on the bike.

But… only for 10 minutes at a time.

I groaned.

That is not my idea of cardio. That is a warm up.

“How long have you been going on the bike?” He asked.

“An hour.” I replied.

I was shot a very stern look accompanied by, “That’s too much. Twenty minutes of cardio should do it…. but you have to work up to it. Start with 10 minutes and increase it ... gradually!”

I promised.

I was also told I could go back to the leg press, which has now been modified to strengthen only certain muscles (whose name I have yet to learn... the ones just above your knee on the inside of your leg. Feel free to enlighten me...)

And those damned squats. Have I mentioned how much I hate squats?

I loathe squats!

I had a training session yesterday. Showed Chris the new modified exercises and he was positively delighted that I’m doing squats. No kidding… His face lit up like a Christmas tree he was beaming so brightly .

He tried to get me to do them a few months ago and I did try… alone… in my kitchen… simply lacked the leg strength… and balance. My legs do feel a bit stronger now… but I still hate them. He showed me a variation to try… great… endless ways of squatting!

So… yesterday I did all the usual exercises, ten minutes on the bike and the modified leg press.

Today my right knee is puffed up like a basket ball. It doesn’t hurt, but I am more aware of it than I have been since I started physio. Ice has definitely been my friend today.

I was scheduled to do cardio today, but the open time for the pool just didn’t work with my schedule, so I didn't do any cardio today.

I feel restless, but I’m sure my students will thank me… I planted my ass in a chair and spent most of the day correcting their exams, with my leg up on another chair and the knee crowned with a bag of frozen peas. Oh the exciting life of a Spanish teacher with a puffy knee!


sissoula said...

Certain kinds of squats will put a smile on any man's face, but I'm not here to talk about that. I wish you continued progress with your recovery, your workouts, and your marking -- have a great break from school and enjoy your holidays! Chronia polla!

madcapmum said...

Oh these bodies of ours!

I'm glad you're listening, though, and not overtaxing the whining bits. At this point, five minutes on an exercise bike for me is definitely cardio! Pant! Pant! Pant!

oldhall said...

So, with leg presses, it depends on the position of your feet, is that right?

Pretty much everyone hates squats, except for a few weirdos-from-another-planet, but... they are supposed to be about the single best exercise, entire-body-wise

ipodmomma said...

frozen peas are my friend too!!! :)))

sorry that you are laid up a bit though... when do you finish for the year?

-20???? oh my!!! that is some butt-kicking cold!!!

I like squats... I've gotten rather good at them, due to my back bothers. kids don't like them though... although mine are of the squat to see what's in the lower cupboard variety... :)))

Ms.L said...

Ohh ten min only???
I feel your pain.
It sucks not being able to go full tilt.

Hope the puffiness goes away soon!

I'm not a fan of squats either but they do work wonders so I keep doing them..grumble grumble;p

Daemon Cain said...

Hi Sarah.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. You asked why I'm going for 10% body fat?

For me it's a matter of definition. I like the lean look and it's something I've wanted for a long time now.

I'm doing it because I need to challenge myself. I have no particular goal in mind other than reaching my own targets as a man.

You should set your own targets in line with what is right for you and keep working towards your own goals.

Best of luck!

Constantine said...

Hi Sarah. Sorry to hear about the knee. I’ve had a bit of a similar problem with my right elbow. I know the routine--yep, lots of ice and then of course “physical therapy” to strengthen and stretch around the injury. What a pain in the bunda.

Yeah, I hate squats too. When I do my heavy bag workout part of the cardio in between combinations includes squats. Sometimes it's “jumping squats,” which no matter how much my conditioning has improved from one time to another this version of the squat always, and I mean always, knocks me on my ass. The next day I can hardly walk. Grin.

Arrogant Polyglot said...

I applaud your dedication, SEE. But for myself, I simply don't have time for exercise in my very busy days of eating more and more Christmas treats! Last night I went to a party with a number of people from my French department. It was foie gras, truffles, quiche lorraine, salade niçoise and red wine all night (truth be told, I paid for it this morning!) I'm just very happy to have picked up Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor. I find it so addictive that I'm finding excuses to take walks outside in the blustery cold!

Elliot said...

Seems like all I do is go around saying "Oldhall is right," so, let me just keep the streak going: "Oldhall is right" about squats. In fact, I've heard that if you wanted to do a quickie, but comprehensive workout routine, you just do three sets each of bench presses, chin ups, and squats. Then, 20-30 min of cardio, and you can bolt that gym.

zouzou said...

Hey, you do realize you're sounding just like an ATHLETE don't you? and I quote "an HOUR on the bike??!!" You're my hero, puffy knee notwithstanding.

At the risk of being universally reviled, I don't mind squats. They make my glutes work, which feels like I'm getting something accomplished, namely, increasing the distance from my butt to the floor.

I do them with those big ball thingies against my back, and roll it down the wall until I'm sufficiently squatted, and then roll it back up. Weights dangle from arms if desired or you can incorporate a bicep curl at the same time. I used to squat and hold for 30 sec in the good old days. Now I'm just happy to do them at all.

psbowe said...

don't get too discourage, you better take caution and heal vs diving right back in and being sorry about it. I applaud you for being patient...hard to do

Sarah Elaine said...

Thanks to all for the comments and encouragement. Good to know I'm not a total freak of nature here, hating squats and all.

A few backatchas --

Siss - All I can say is... You thought *I* was naughty?!

OH - Leg press - yes, I suppose position of feet does matter. Must ask Tim tomorrow...

MCM - When I started going to the gym back in May, all I could manage was 15 minutes on the bike. No weights. No squats. Maybe some stretching afterwards. Consistency (and a good dose of bull-headedness) is the key.

Arrogant - I have the new Madonna on my iPod. Great to work out to! (And I used to hate Madonna almost as much as I hate squats!)

IPM and Z. - You're both freaking for liking squats! In the best possible way, of course...

Z. - Me? An athlete? Er... not so much (and you know it!)

Everyone else - thanks for sharing your thoughts and words of encouragement! Keeps me moving! (Er... I mean... squatting!)