Sunday, December 11, 2005

Snippits from Christmas party conversations…

snippit #1 – On running to relieve stress

Other guest 1 – Yeah, I run to relieve my stress.

Me – Oh, really?

Other guest 1 – Yeah… every other day or so… 7 or 8 km during the week and 18-20 km every weekend.

Me – 20 km? That’s, like, half a marathon! Every weekend?

Other guest 1 - It’s pretty much the only way I can keep myself sane.

Me – Wow.

snippit #2 – Awkward moment with a tipsy colleague

Other guest 2 (had a few too many drinks, I think…) – Sarah, you’re looking good these days. You’ve lost a lot of weight, haven’t you?

Me – Yes… some.

Other guest 2 – Well, you’re looking fabulous.

Me – Thank you.

Other guest 2 – No, really… I mean… You’re… like… wow… I mean… You’re just… adorable… I’ve always thought you were adorable, but I … wow… I … just can’t stop looking at you… I mean…

Me – [nervous laugh… surprised (because he’s so professional with me he’s almost cold and definitely hard to get to know) and also feeling embarrassed (because ... well... just because...) and mortified… (because his poor wife was within earshot and Attached Men are not my thing. Poor woman...) Finally said…] I … er… think I need a refill on my drink… excuse me…

snippit #3 – On making connections

Other guest 3 – Yeah, so my Dad’s learning Spanish.

Me – Oh yeah? Cool. Must be pretty easy, considering he’s Italian and all.

Other guest 3 – You’d think so, eh? But it’s the weirdest thing. He speaks Spanish with an English accent, not an Italian one. And he struggles with basic vocabulary words that are so similar to Italian it’s just… obvious. It’s like… he hasn’t figured out that he can transfer from Italian to Spanish… even though they’re so close…. Weird, eh?

Me – Yeah, kind of… You’d think he’d be able to make the connection.

Other guest 3 – You’d think so… but it’s like he’s never learned another Romance language at all… completely bizarre this inability to make the link.

Me – [Thinking of my own inability to make connections between things that seem obvious to others] – Well, he’ll probably get it eventually… The light bulb will just turn on one day, you know?

Other guest 3 – Sure hope so… It’s kinda freaky though…

All in all, a very good party indeed... even with a few interesting and unexpected moments, as any good party should have... and at least one awkward one, as most parties have, even though it would be nicer if they didn't.

And with that, I’m off to sleepy land. Another full day of holiday socializing tomorrow. I'm so happy/delighted/relieved to be able to go out, hang out and just visit with people. Been buried under work for far too long...

So glad the first draft of the paper is done!


kt said...

sarah: this will have nada to do w/ your post...are you far far away from vancouver? i've been surfing blogs...found out about a marathon in vancouver..i think..thought of trying to get washingtonians and canadians together! i know it's a long shot..but SO IS ME, RUNNING A MARATHON, girlfriend!
i envy you w/ your personal trainer! i think it's WAY great that you are cross training. wish i had access to a pool in winter! i read about peops going to the Y. we don't even have one of THOSE!
ah me

ipodmomma said...

isn't life funny... all the little bits that come rolling of the tongue...

that runner... I know someone who stitches to relieve stress... she gets a lot of stitching done!

I think you excused yourself very nicely... ugg!!! those are always hard to sit through... they mean well, but a few drinks, and...

glad you had a good time overall though! enjoy your Sunday...

a. said...

I had a similar incident at my Christmas involved a very drunk coworker allowing his hands to roam .... towards me!! Awkward...very awkward.

If there was ever a moment in my life in which I was justified in throwing a glass of water in someone's face, that was it. However, I opted for some forceful language and a good shove. Poor drunken dude...didn't even realize.

I guess he didn't figure out there may be even more repurcussions, given that my boyfriend was right next to me...odd how the basic life skills escape a person after a few too many Rusty Nails.

Christmas and holiday seasons should be a time of joy and celebration. Yet, one of the main ways we celebrate in N.A. is to drink and that almost never brings out the best in people. It's odd that we place such value on it.

Hmmmm...I guess drinking is something that makes us feel good. It's NOT something that makes us treat others well or make others feel good. That logic says that drinking is a selfish exercise. While it may be used a lot at celebrations, (because we're happy and want to enhance or at least continue the happy feeling), it does nothing for a group atmosphere.

Maybe there's more merit in drinking alone after all...

Turtle Guy said...

Snippit 1 - You were blown away, weren't you! Remember, some people are blown away with the amount you write!

Snippit 2 - These things happen, don't they! I see it all the time at work and it's amusing to see it all unfold when you're not directly involved, but I too have been in your position - most uncomfortable. At the risk of sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, I wonder if your colleague has a truly happy and satisfying marriage? Nice to see you handled the situation passively and with grace.

Snippit 3 - Hmm...isn't this all about "making the connection"!

This post would serve Elliot proud, don't you think?

IPM - We've all been there I think... sadly I have to admit I've been on both sides - however I think my beverage-induced friendliness was partly fueled by, not having a partner... sadly - hate to admit it - perhaps I was prowling? Still, not an excuse for making anyone feel uncomfortable.

A. - Hmm... interesting thoughts on beverage consumption. I think, however you've pointed out some of the worst of what can happen. I see it ALL at work - trust me! Not related to any kind of male/female party thing, but a party guest, while drunk, once made me VERY uncomfortable to the point I closed down the party. I was in a room full of truckers, the hotel had run out of Bud - the ONLY beer the whole room was drinking - and everyone was looking for SOMETHING to vent on. "Oh, look, there's the DJ!" Said party guest didn't like the song that was playing, so he unplugged the sound system. I figured enough was enough, so I packed up. "But you're not done! Play another song - it isn't 1:00 yet!" My reply? "You decided to shut the music down, I didn't. Good night." I pitty the 18-year-old bartender they had on - he was literally shaking.

sissoula said...

Holiday parties are great forums to make declarations you'd never make in a less casual setting. And now that you know about that attraction -- well, knowledge is power, in the right hands.

And I wouldn't attribute it all to the alcohol.

Sarah Elaine said...

IPM - I guess we all do have our ways of relieving stress, don't we?

a. - So sorry to hear about your experience! As for drinking... I prefer to do it in the company of one or two good friends... Especially since my / our favourite drink (tequila, straight up) is otherwise known as "truth serum". ;-)

sissoula - I guess knowledge is power. I wonder how he'll react next time we cross paths in the hallway. Hee hee!

TG - Yes... sigh... I can write...

zouzou said...

yipes. cool party! I wish I could skein off that much dirt from the parties I go to! usually (as in yesterday) I head for the room where the cats are sequestered and have a quiet visit with them. I should trawl more...

That runner dude/ette needs a life. I'd hate to see him/her if they didn't get their run in... might be quite amusing to watch the fun begin.

As far as your leering fellow guest went, he was perfectly right, you are adorable and cute and all that. HE, on the other hand, is an idiot who happened to make an accurate observation. Need we say more?

A, I think I saw a potentially fascinating blog in that comment you made...are you going to indulge?