Saturday, December 03, 2005

Personal training seems to be catching on...

My friend Z. just had her first personal training session on Thursday. You can check out her post “Slave drivers aren’t all bad” for the details. It’s gut-splittingly funny, in my opinion. (Even if the gut that is splitting -- as in, mine - is all jiggly...)

Anyway, I must say, I’m very proud of her. She’s much fitter than I am and yet, she’s doing this to get motivated. Oh yeah… and she’s five months pregnant.

As I read her post, I realized that we seem a bit different in our needs. She hired a trainer to get motivated and seemed to start whining after the first minute of a warm up.

Me, I’m different. I told my trainer I’d be sort-of-kind-of-interested in running and when he said, “OK… why don’t we start with 25 laps around the track?”

I did them and almost threw up afterwards.

Someone later said that maybe he said that thinking that I wouldn’t actually do it and would quit after 5 or maybe 10 laps, and so perhaps he said to do more than any sane person might start with. After reading Z’s post, I can see why someone might think that.

I need someone to train me sensibly and NOT let me go overboard. I think Z’s the normal one and I’m just wacko.

Anyway, when I’m not at the verge of making myself vomit, I kind of stand/sit/lay there, look at my trainer show me something and say, "How the ^&%$ do you do that again?!" I try, mess it up, have to try again… and on it goes.

A classmate at school has also signed up for personal training… with my trainer! In class last week, we had group presentations and the group brought snacks. His plate was loaded up with chips and dip, and I had some veggies and hummus. I said with a wink, “I see you’re getting ready to start training soon.” He replied that he was enjoying himself as much as possible before he started training.

I just thought, “Indeed… I feel an ass whooping coming on!”

Anyway, Z., I’m very proud of you! Now all you have to do is buy a 10-pack of sessions with L. just to make sure you continue!


Turtle Guy said...
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Turtle Guy said...

Look at you - trend setter! OK, maybe the physical fitness trend didn't START with you, but wow...

When I read this I immediately made the comparison to the things our friends inspire us to do that maybe aren't all that healthy... "aw, c'mon... have a few drinks... a few more... we'll have some laughs!" (don't get me wrong, having a few drinks - even to excess at times is darn fine... everything in moderation - including moderation...) How many times have we heard "Go ahead... no one will ever know..." Positive words of encouragement? Or perhaps justification for THEIR own actions!

You, however have obviously inspired your friends to take up something good - with long-term rewards in sight. They too will win the race.

Cam said...

Hmmm... can't be as bad as Air Force physical training. Oy vey!

Elliot said...

I once took on a 30-minute lunchtime fitness whirl with a trainer and thought "Hey, 30 minutes--how bad can it be?"

After I basically got to see what my heart really looks like because it was nearly about to leap from my mouth due to the incredibly accelerated rate it got to, I realized that the trainer thing isn't for me.

I read some mags, devised a routine, and pumped at my own pace. I'm much happier, and, I still don't know what my heart looks like!

Sarah Elaine said...

TG - Dunno about being a trendsetter. That's not something I'm known for, I don't think? I'm going to chalk it up to coincidence...

Cam - Don't even want to think what that would be like! Oy vey is right!

Elliott - Sounds like your experience was less than stellar. The important thing is that you found something that works for you. Yaay!