Monday, December 19, 2005

Shriek! It's Christmas week already! And I'm not ready!!

How did this happen, I ask you? How???

Christmas is less than a week away and I'm not ready! No lights up outside... Tree still in the box... Half the gifts still need to be bought... No cards sent to England (or anywhere else, for that matter...)

Haven't even started my annual Christmas letter yet! And usually I'm done by the middle of November, with envelopes dutifully addressed and cards written...


I still have to finish marking exams... Thankfully, they're almost done... (The exam was 12-pages, in case you are wondering why it's taking me so long! It's a common exam for all Spanish sections, so I didn't have any choice in the matter....)

Santa, can I please have an extra 5 hours in each day from now until the end of the year?


Kim said...

Funny how this holiday sneaks up on us a little quicker each year!

We just got tree up this weekend, no lights on the house, I've given up on the idea of cards and we've agreed to mostly shop for the kids, of couse haven't even started that... BUT somehow you and I will both get things done!

Luckily Christmas is on a Sunday so I'm sure the stores will be open late on Friday and Saturday!

Sadly I heard on the news today of a huge church in our area that will not even open on Christmas. They said last time the holiday fell on Sunday, they barely had an members show up for services??? WHAT is up with that, isn't Jesus the reason for the season??? I'm sure HE won't mind if we show up in our jammies, just show up for gosh sakes, bedhead and all!

robtherunner said...

12 page exam, ugh. I knew there was a reason I stopped taking Spanish. Not that I don't want to learn the language, but it was quite difficult. Tis the season to be behind.

Turtle Guy said...

Hey, don't let Christmas freak you out... if there's one thing I've learned, whether you're ready or not, the season will come and the season will go. If your lights are up in time for Winterfest, isn't it all good?

madcapmum said...

Just remember! The Christmas season begins on Christmas day... which gives a person a lot more wiggle-room.

Elliot said...

If you're ever "ready" for Christmas, then you're treating it the wrong way. Christmas is all about anticipation and anxiety, racing heart rates and frantic shopping! Why else the madly twinkling, dancing, chasing lights? Aaaaah! Go with it. Be a bunch of haphazard colors yourself.

And, sometime in the night, when the buzz settles, do the "peace on Earth" gaze out of the window and imagine you hear sleigh bells somewhere and maybe, just maybe, if you look high enough, you'll see a star shining brighter and more twinklier, and closer to the planet than all the others. Those few seconds will make it all worthwhile.

Bast said...

Just do what we decided to do this year - start a new/old tradition of setting up and decorating the tree on Christmas Eve. Mom was having a panic attack until I suggested that I'd actually like to help out too, so wait until I arrive home. Dad says it's actually an old tradition, the way it used to be. I like that.

Susan said...

I'll send an email to Santa - let me know if he gives you some extra hours - cause I want some too.

zouzou said...

I've officially requested a Portable Time Warp. It can be set up with the touch of a button, you scurry in one end and when you come out the other, it's January 1st. of course this means you also miss out on all the loot. But it's completely stress-free! It's called "I'm going away for Xmas" and it works beautifully.

Turtle Guy said...

a few thoughts on the words posted...

KIM - sad about the church, and i truly think we lose sight of what Christmas is really about - a light given in a very dark space.

ROB - Is it our mind set that puts us behind... every year?

MCM - "wiggle-room" - hillarious! I haven't heard that in ages!

EM - "Christmas is all about anticipation and anxiety, racing heart rates and frantic shopping!"

I hear you, Elliot! Lots of that going on here!

"Why else the madly twinkling, dancing, chasing lights? Aaaaah! Go with it. Be a bunch of haphazard colors yourself."

Interestingly, dancing, twinkling lights are part of what I do, and to be haphazard colours would be refreshingly vibrant... just to let go!

BAST - My folks are old enough to be my grandparents, so much of what I grew up with was older tradition - I can relate to setting up the tree on Christmas Eve! What I didn't understand when I was 10 was why everyone ELSE had theirs up so early.

SUSAN - More hours? A nice idea, but perhaps LESS TO DO would be something to consider. We're so driven to have every minute of every day FILLED to the brim... sometimes, isn't it just a little too much?

ZOU - A time machine. Excellent idea! One of my favourite movies is Back to the Future (of course parts 1,2 and 3!) If you're looking for a project partner, count me in - I think you're on to something!