Saturday, December 03, 2005

Personal trainer recommends chocolate milk

Had another personal training session on Friday.

Yes, I went back.

I wasn’t 100% sure about it, but when you buy a pack of 10 sessions, there is strong motivation to use them up!

Chris was a complete sweetie about it and we did exactly what I asked for in the session: reviewed my training log and spent time re-grouping, re-focusing and strategizing. He answered all my questions, including some I had on what to eat before and after I work out.

The recommendation for after the work out was: get something into your system as soon as possible, within a half an hour, if possible.

What to have? Get this: chocolate milk.

When he said that, I said, “What? Are you out of your mind? I can’t believe you’re a personal trainer and you’re telling me to drink chocolate milk!”

Chris responded, “Yup. That’s what I have. It has four things that you need after a work out: simple sugars, complex sugars, protein and fat.”

Though the idea of consuming fat directly after exercise doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, I took his word for it. After my work out, I stopped by the store and got some chocolate milk.

First time in ages I’ve had chocolate milk.

And it was divine.

I think I like this new training program already.

(Note to self: Because we had a strategy session this time and not an actual workout, I’m guessing that I’ll have to be prepared work like a demon next time…)


ipodmomma said...

OH loves choc milk! he just had a big mug, and is relaxing...

you are so cool to have a trainer... I would never have the gumption to go that far! :)))

glad the fruitcake has made the rounds... and that it was enjoyed!

Turtle Guy said...

One of my favourite things to do while in high school was to stop by the convenience store across the street on my way home. My friend Russell and I would each grab a one-litre chocolate milk for the walk home. Let's see... one litre of milk in one and a half kilometres... let's see... ugg!!! My VAN does better than that on GAS! So much for the efficiency theory. Anyway, not sure there's a whole lot less sugar in the milk compared to my other options at the store, but it was a good fill-me-up!

Sarah Elaine said...

IPM - Seems to me you have lots of gumption! I just have no freaking idea what I'm doing in the gym (though that seems to be subsiding with each month that I continue going...)

TG - A *litre* of chocolate milk???? A LITRE ? ! ? !

zouzou said...

Yay! finally, a trainer with NORMAL food habits. evil grin. I will haul out a chocolate milk after my session on Thursday and see what L. does. I can't wait to see the look on her face. oh, the sweet anticipation.

zouzou said...

By the way, IPM, your fruitcake was delicious and I'm NOT really a fruitcake person - at least not a raving fan. I like the odd slice now and again, and yours was fabulous. S, thanks for saving me a piece. I'm sure you had to fight off the ravenous masses(including yourself) to get it to me FOUR whole days after it arrived!

Amber said...

Chocolate milk ... it's the protein to carb ratio that makes it so good after a workout. Make sure you eat it shortly after your workout. I've heard that 15 minutes after your workout is the target time frame. Another good one is yogurt. A protein to carb ratio of 1:4 is ideal.

Nestle quik fat free chocolate milk is positively devine after a long workout!!!