Thursday, December 15, 2005

I have officially survived first semester!

I passed in my last paper of my first semester yesterday. Woo hoo!

It's worth (the other) 50% of the final grade and me being me, I'm stressing a bit about it. But... not as much as last time.

I think I spent most of the first semester stressing, actually, which, as my older brother pointed out to me, is totally out of character for me -- at least when it comes to school. I think that having been out of school for seven ... no... make that eight... years, changing disciplines (again!) and working at the doctoral level all took their toll on my confidence. But I have survived!

Not only survived, but I got through the first semester without ballooning (and actually "dropping some tonnage", as the same dear older brother put it so delicately). That's another first for me.

Going to the gym has definitely helped to keep me sane, as has the wonderful support network of friends and family I am so lucky to have– and yes, even blogging has helped!

I just have to correct my students’ final exams and then I’ll be done wearing my teacher hat for the semester, too.

Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel?

Oh yeah, and by the way... I still haven't really started my Christmas shopping or sent any cards, so you might be getting New Year's greetings from me! Don't take it personally.... everyone will be treated equally... meaning... late -- but not forgotten! ;-)


Ms.L said...

I think you're a pretty amazing woman!

Turtle Guy said...

Allow me to second that motion... very proud of you, Sarah! ...and for the record, Christmas shopping usually starts and ends for me around the 24th! As for cards...

Kim said...

I think Ecards are the way to go anyhow.. Why waste a tree. Very few cards are worth keeping. I mean I have a few but none are Christmas cards, mainly birthday and the really cool 'mothers day' cards I got from Caitlin and Colin.

With all you have going on I would hope people would understand :o)

madcapmum said...


"Dropping some tonnage"?! Honestly, he should apply for a diplomatic position along with my dear husband! But congratulations on that one too.

Amber said...

ahhh ... the proverbial light ... it's a wonderful thing!!!