Friday, December 09, 2005

Deep water running

Some of you have commented on deep water running or fitness classes, so I thought I'd do a quickie post, since I went to my first deep water running class today.

Let me start by saying that it's nothing like land running.

Nothing at all.

But, it isn't quite as hideous as swimming.

Except that you have this flotation belt that you have to wear. And you tether yourself (yes.... tether... with a long elastic) to the buoy line.

And lemme tell ya… you have to get that flotation belt good and tight. I thought I had it on pretty well... but no...

Damn thing came sliding up... and the front of my bathing suit went sliding down (pulled downwards by all the floatation stuff pulling upwards in the back.)

Not good.

So, there was a lot of ... adjusting... going on all class. Those flotation thingys are hard to tighten when they're wet.

As for the actual moves, it wasn't bad... except that I wanted to actually run.

Despite not having done much in the way of distance, we can safely say that I'm in all out withdrawal at the moment... Not having run a step so far this month... (I can't believe it's me writing that! Good grief. Who is that at the keyboard and what have they done with Sarah?!)

Anyway, if you try to run normally in a pool, it doesn't really work out so well... The technique is different.

As it happens, this was the last class of the semester, so I'm not going to have a chance to practice again until January.

Anyway… I guess it’s back to “swimming like a rock”, as Z. puts it.

(BTW, thanks to CM for the tip on hair and swimming caps. Smearing conditioner all over your hair from roots to end before putting on the swimming cap totally worked. Good tip.)


oldhall said...

Thanks for the vivid description; an accompanying video clip would be welcome next time. But I'm not complaining.

Sarah Elaine said...

OH - Oh you're funny, you are! ;-)

The suit didn't slide down THAT far!

Though I may just take you up on your suggestion from a previous post and go looking for a new one... with a nice high neck line!

ipodmomma said...



Sarah Elaine said...

See, OH, you don't want to tick off the Mrs. do ya? (Especially not when she cooks the way she does!) Just remember how lucky you are, to have a woman like that. ;-)

Turtle Guy said...

All of you are just too funny!! Here I am days later catching up in the 'sphere...

OK, OH - you made me laugh, and I'd be the first guy to make some of the same comments HOWEVER SE makes a good point or two about respecting your lady. Like a boomerang, my friend - what you send out will return.

IPM - nice to see you're paying attention!

SE - Good advice to OH... I'm mindful of the same good fortune.