Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back on (the) track!

As I re-read my last post, I just shook my head thinking to myself, "Gawd, Sarah, you sound like some kind of junkie. 'Please, I'll do whatever. I don't care.... just give me a taste of what I want! I'll do anything!!'"

Well, maybe not anything...

OK, who are we kidding? I would have done just about anything, including squatting as low as I can go.

Today, I got my fix.

I had another physio session at the end of which, Tim said I could start the walk/run program.

"Today?" I asked, salivating like a famished animal. I almost had to wipe the drool off my chin.


"You mean, like... right now? I can go to the track when I leave here?" I just wanted to be clear...

"Yeah... sure." He said it casually, like it was nothing. To me, it was the best news I'd had in weeks.

I just about bolted out of there without saying good-bye. I think I said bye... but I can't really remember...

I zipped back to the locker room, dumped my jacket, stuck my hair up and high tailed it back to the fitness centre. (The physio clinic is located in the same building as the gym at the university, in case you're wondering...)

Saw my trainer, Chris, as I was headed for the stairs up to the track. I smiled, but didn't stop to chat today. He probably wondered what the hell is up with me, since I haven't been pestering him for a training session...

Oh well, I know I've got some sessions banked. I'm sure once he's dealt with the "New Year's Resolution crowd", he'll slot in his regulars again... In the meantime, I'll leave him to deal with the January mob. I have other things to do!

Like run!

I got to the track and noted that my heart rate was above 100 as soon as I started monitoring it. This is unusual for me... I had trouble getting it up when I was swimming and walking... The fact that it was over 100 before I even started made me chuckle. I guess I was excited or something...!! (Hee hee!)

Anyway... 4.5 minutes of walking, followed by 30 seconds of running. Six times, for a total of half an hour.

That's it.

That's all I got to do... 30 seconds of running, once every five minutes.

Not much, is it?

But it's more than I've done in a month. And it felt great!!!

Of course, I was supposed to focus on form, foot placement, which muscles I was using and so on.

I tried.

Really I did.

But I was so excited I could hardly breathe, let alone concentrate.

After a half hour... my knee was a little swollen and I was aware of it, but it was not what I'd call painful. Not at all!


Look, Ma!

No knee pain!!

Can you tell I'm on a bit of a high?

Good fix. Much needed fix.


(I cannot believe it's the same person writing this as the girl was who almost quit the gym at the beginning of the fall semester because she was too intimidated. Who the hell is this new woman, anyway??)


Turtle Guy said...

Well, I'm impressed, Sarah! Good for you! I'm so proud of you - you were patient, did all the right things and you're reaping the reward! Excellent!

A junkie? maybe... but you're better for the health of it!

Here's an interesting site - this fellow ran 1000 miles in 11 days back in '86... take a look...

Amber said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious ... you should bottle some of that for a later date!

I'm glad you had a good run ... and no pain to boot ... whoohoo!!!

wthenrest said...

Well, well, well, (read that with a German accent for me would you?) Who is this new athletic woman?...You are not turning into a jock are you? NOT that there is anything wrong with that. I am so impressed and you look awesome. Wow this health thing eh. Think of me, I will be the one in the pool trying to work up to doing laps.

ipodmomma said...

as Monty Burns would purr....


how totally thrilling!!! looking forward to hearing MORE!

kt said...

sarah! you ARE a weirdo after all! (were you waiting to hear that? waiting for the OTHER shoe to drop!) what do you MEAN you couldn't WAIT to run? what??? you are a FREAK! ahem..i mean WE ARE FREAKS. i wonder how many OLD people START running? i feel a much better runner, starting over at 37 than i EVER did as a younger (sob) person! i'd like my youth back, but i LOVE this new runner person! crazy isn't it?
ggggreat that you got advice on how to step, stride, etc. i want that.
you rock, girlfriend. spit another blueberry for me, k?
and, where could we meet for a run?

M A F said...

Sarah, I am glad to hear you have recieved the green light to start running (for 30 seconds a pop).

There was one thing that I was sure you'd comment on the Superfeet. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed. ;)

zouzou said...

Umm. I think you're addicted to endorphins. Luckily, and despite the fact that you SOUND like a junkie *giggle* you don't have to shoot them up, inhale them or shovel them down your throat. They're generated by your own body, usually in the presence of pain, but also while running - hence the runner's high. If you must be addicted you've picked a reasonable alternative (except when the shock-related joint injuries set in, but who am I to rain on your parade? Just another can't-believe-you-LIKE-running couch potato) - mind you, you DID get me BLOGGING. never say never...

Sarah Elaine said...

Thanks for the comments, all.

W - Moi? A jock? Puh-LEASE! You've known me for how long now?? At least 6 years, right??

Mac - You're right! Superfeet update coming!

IPM - I love the Simpsons!

KT - One day we'll run together. I'm sure of it.

Z - Who got whom into blogging?! Ah-hem...

robtherunner said...

I could envision your whole procession that lead to the glorious 30 seconds of running that you were allowed to enjoy. Thanks for taking us along.