Thursday, January 12, 2006

Where from?

So, KT and IPM have asked, on different occasions, about my heritage. Well, like many Canadians, I have a mixed heritage of sorts, though mine is mostly British (English, Scottish, Welsh... and who knows... maybe some Irish, somewhere along the way?)

I am from a bi-cultural family. My Dad is Canadian, born and raised. My Mum was English, with Welsh heritage (though my Young Cousin says that the English don't admit it when they're originally Welsh... must ask him to clarify that one for me again, since I've forgotten why...)

My Mum also told me that there's some Italian in our family. Something about how the Italians were brought to Wales to work in the coal mines, but ended up thumbing their noses at that and made loads of money by introducing ice cream to the nation... and by extrapolation, Italians were introduced to into our family.

Who knows if it's true or not... Mum had a wry sense of humour.

But it could explain my affinity for Romance languages, perhaps... ? And I do love ice cream... gelato... helado...

I lived in England for a year, when I was about seven or so. Yes, I had to wear a uniform to school. Hated it (the uniform, that is. England, I liked.)

Ice cream in England is divine by the way, at least, in my humble opinion. I remember my aunt always had a box of vanilla in the freezer. If memory serves me correctly, it was a blue plastic box with a white lid. Then there's the ices you can buy at the shops... mmmm...

But I digress...

I have cousins in the southern and mid parts of England. With any luck, I'll get to see a few of them next year... but let's live one day at a time, shall we? 2007 is still a long way off... Many pennies must be saved!

I moved around a fair amount as a kid, but most of my growing up years were spent in Nova Scotia. No family left there now... though still have some good childhood friends who are still there.

The rest of the family are in various parts of Ontario (central Canada) and here in Alberta (western Canada).

I'm not particularly tied to Alberta as a place... Beautiful though it is...

In general, I'd have to say that there are good people around me here... a brother not far away... and a few others who are close enough to be family... They keep me here... and keep me grounded... more than anything, I suppose.

So there you go... Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

AB - No comment on the Welsh heritage! And you can still get the ice cream in blue box/white lid. Its great!!

kt said...

thanks! sounds this is cuz i grew up in america! also fun. but vicariously fun to grow up in another country. when you're a kid, another country is like another galaxy!
thnks again. i mean, it WAS per MY request, right? well, mine and another. but i feel special!

love ya. God bless you and His peace be with you today, sarah!