Friday, January 06, 2006

Superfeet update

Mac commented that he was surprised I didn't mention the Superfeet in my last post.

Oops! Sorry!

Well, they felt weird for about the first five minutes, then I forgot about them. I was slightly high, remember! (Natural high, but whatever...)

Hell, the damned things could have been made of rusty nails and I wouldn't have cared.

In all seriousness though... I'm getting used to them pretty quickly.

Even my squats are more stable because of my Superfeet.

(OK, I just re-read that... if you hadn't been following the last few posts and just read that line out of context, it would seem pretty weird...) Thank God you all know what I mean! (Wiping beads of embarrassed sweat off brow...)


Susan said...

I was confured with this one at first, I had to read the last few posts. My orthodics are not superfeet, but I love them. Changed the way I run. Happy squating or running, or wearing superfeet.

katt said...

Oh to have superfeet, Well really I would rather have superknees. I should have superknees beacause both of mine have been replaced ( still not the bionic girl though) If the truth be told they have been replaceed once and the reconstructed a second time. (still not bionic girl). I do get around but do not see jogging in my future. I walk around the block here at home, and that is at a snails pace.

My real goal is to get the Knees to work enough to take ball room danceig lesson with hubby.

robtherunner said...

We should all be so lucky to be high off of running.

katt said...

just a quick note to say sarah I did it I completed my first report for class. First one in over 33 years .

Constantine said...

I’ve been keeping up w/ your previous posts re: said subject, but after I read your postscript notes I then allowed my eyes to trot back up to the top of your post for a little déjà vu. I re-read your comments as though I had no freaking clue about Superfeet. You're right Sarah. It was funny as hell. I got a genuine laugh out of it. It sounded like something out of Monty Python or the like.

wthenrest said...

I wonder if they have one of those super"feet" for the inner ear.I am sad to say that even if they gave me six of those I still wouldn't have balance to save my life... mmm I wonder if I strap them all over my body... no probably not...but by that time I would have been thrown in a rubber room and really couldn't hurt myself anyway. I guess there is always a silver lining.

M A F said...

Thanks Sarah!